And now, The Shock Treatment Network is proud to present this month's Mr. Mental Health!

Josh Jenkins

Through many emails, Josh has shown his dedication to Shock Treatment.  Like a devoted fan, sometimes that's all he can talk about! (Not that this is a bad trait!  Although Bert Schnick of Denton recently said "Josh needs some care in da surgical chair!")  We at the Shock Treatment Network were absolutely thrilled to have discovered such an enthusiasm and devotion in a fan.  May his admiration for Shock Treatment continue to grow year after year!
When he was told that he was the new Mister Mental Health, he was overwhelmed with excitement.  We asked him to submit his own bio for this page in the site, and here was his reply:
I'm probably the youngest member on the Shock Treatment Network members list.  I'm only 14 (almost 15).  I started out, like many ST fans, by loving Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I became fascinated with it.  It wasn't til less than a year ago that I found Shock Treatment in my local video store for 3.00!  Ever since I have been a HUGE fan and Shock Treatment has become my favorite film.  My favorite character is either Macy or Janet.  I'm honored to be this month's Mr. Mental Health! Hoopla!   - Josh Jenkins
"I am my destiny, je croirai toujours en moi"
--Me Of Me, "Shock Treatment"

Thank You Josh!  And Congratulations!