And now, The Shock Treatment Network is proud to present this month's Mr. Mental Health!

Doug Setter

I've had the honor of knowing this young man for several years.  In Kansas City, he is incredibly devoted to keeping Rocky Horror alive - and always there to promote Shock Treatment.  He is also the first Mental Health winner to have a sibling that also was a Mental Health winner at one time.

He had this to say to me recently...

Thank you for nominating me for Mr. Mental Health for September/October 2012!

My interest and fascination with Rocky Horror started in October 1998 at Trailridge Cinema here in Kansas City - actually, one of its suburbs (Overland Park, KS).  In fact, the first time I saw Shock Treatment was supposed to be my first Rocky Horror showing at that theater; I had to wait a week.  Even though I didn't really like it at first, it kind of grew on me the more I saw it and as my interest in Rocky Horror grew.  Since I started seeing Rocky Horror I have attended a few stage productions, went to a convention (Big-O-Con in Wichita in 2003), and joined two Rocky Horror casts (Justice League of Denton in 2005; Fishnets and Floorshows in 2008).

I purchased the 25th Anniversary three-disc DVD set of Shock Treatment and Rocky Horror right after it came out in September 2006 and have showed it to at least one person; I would like to show more some day.  I know not everyone has an interest to see it, but I would like to show the movie to those who are curious.

I would love to contribute to the site since one of the biggest, if not THE biggest websites dedicated to the movie Shock Treatment has made its long-awaited return to cyberspace.  And once again, I owe a big debt of gratitude to the individual that nominated me...MR. MENTAL HEALTH!!!

Doug Seitter (Rev. Dexter)

Shock Treatment Network Member #81

Congratulations, Doug.  I have personally seen your dedication and enthusiasm in both RHPS showings as well as a decent amount of Shock Treatment showings.  You've came up  with some great lines, and some great costumes.  You're always promoting both films whenever the opportunity arrives.  So I thank you, Doug, and your alter ego Rev. Dexter (image below) for your loyalty.