And now, The Shock Treatment Network is proud to present this month's Miss Mental Health!


    I've was first introduced to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the early nineties, at a friend's house. She knew all the audience participation lines, and I knew even then that this was something special. The same night we watched Shock Treatment. Both movies blew my mind, and I've been an avid fan and collector ever since. Rocky and Shocky (and Magenta, Columbia, and Nation) have inspired me to dye my hair red for the past five or six years, and work on numerous costume patterns, paintings, parodies, and drawings. My living room mantle has nothing but Rocky Horror dolls and posters on it.

    I'm taking some time off from attending film school, I do a bit of sideshow performing (fire-eating, bed of nails, blockhead, and so on). I spend my time working on my short films and animations, playing guitar, writing movie reviews for my horror/scifi/cult website, and collecting richard o'brien-related stuff.

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