And now, The Shock Treatment Network is proud to present this month's Miss Mental Health!

Savannah Howerton (a.k.a. Saint Nation)

This month, we at the Shock Treatment Network had a difficult decision.  There were two candidates that were very fit for the crowning of Mental Health.  Both had submitted very positive emails, displaying a love, fondness, and dedication to Shock Treatment and Rocky Horror.  After careful consideration, we have picked Savannah Howerton to be this month's Miss Mental Health.  (NOTE: In May, the other person will be the new Mental Health winner, so keep an eye out for that one!) In the meantime, here's the email that Savannah sent us to convince us that she deserved to be this month's Miss Mental Health...
Hoopla! I just wanted to email you and let you know that I would like to be a candidate for next month's Miss Mental Health! I am an AVID fan of both Rocky and Shocky. My collection right now includes only Rocky, I am in frantic search of ST toys, posters and cd's. But I do have quite an extensive RHPS collection. I am from Seattle Washington and I keep bugging my towns cast (VTC trannies, to start doing ST, but I've gotten no responses. I am a new ST fan, I just recently found the movie (About 4 months ago-I paid 35$! It was so worth it though!) but I've seen it now about 10 times. It's such a "fabulous" movie and I cant ever get enough of Pat Quinn, RO'B and Nell! Nation and Magenta are my favorite characters in both movies (excluding Frankie of course) and I think the actors in both movies are fantastic actors and I am striving to become an actress because of them. I am a sophomore in High School, but when I graduate in 2 years I will be a junior in college (I'm attending college part-time) and I hope to move to California to "better myself". (spoken like Janet's dad) Your site is great, keep up the good work! Thanks a million, sweets!
-Savannah Howerton <a.k.a. Saint Nation>
P.S. I've included a few of the dolls I've made!
Wow!  This is a serious fan!  Here's some more pics of Savanah, followed by pics of her dolls!

Thank You Savannah!  And Congratulations!