And now, The Shock Treatment Network is proud to present this month's Miss Mental Health!


Recently, we recieved some letters from a few fans interested in being this month's Mental Health representative.  Then, one day this lovely email came in and was easily picked.  Quite honestly, she just had that personality of you just gotta love her!  So let me introduce Kerry, our Miss Mental Health.  (Other contenders will be added to next month's choosing).  Here was her email to The Shock Treatment Network.
Sure, I'd like to become Miss Mental Health. But why would you want to choose me? -I think because I just lately discovered Shock Treatment. It's only three months ago when I saw ST for the first time. And I was searching for it for over two years...finally I picked my tape at an auction for a price my mother would probably kill me for (if she knew it). When I got the tape I immediately watched it. I stood under the strong influence of litres of mineral water at that time (don't ask me why I almost drowned myself in mineral water...I guess I was a bit nervous and didn't know what to do with my hands and mouth *g*) but liked it the very first time I saw it (and that's almost a miracle because I am a rather obsessed RH fan too) Yeah, and meanwhile I've seen the film for about ten more times and my Ansalong costume is almost done!

Kerry's homepage:
Kerry's E-mail (always glad to hear from other ST Fans, are there any German ones at all?):

Below is a picture of Kerry in boy-drag.  You gotta love the fake moustache!

NOTE: We hope that when Kerry is finished with her Ansalong costume, she will photograph herself in it for future display here at the STN!