And now, The Shock Treatment Network is proud to present this month's Miss Mental Health!


(Left, sitting next to Nell "Little Nell" Campbell)

The Shock Treatment Network recently had the pleasure to be in contact with a delightful person named Betty Hapschatt -- oops, I mean Betty Thomas -- although she is from Denton!  She is quite a collector and very enthusiastic about Rocky and Shock Treatment alike!  I asked her if she would be interested in becoming our next Miss Mental Health and here was her response:
Hoopla Donny!

    You make me blush!  I'd be honored to be Miss Mental Health!   I was the first "Miss February" on the RHPS site many years ago...  Here is a picture of me with Nell at the NYC con the spring of 1998. (Why yes, that is the Magenta poster doll I'm holding!)

    Sure, I'll take a shameless plug for my website:  It's called "Give in to TIMtation"--I'm Curry obsessed. <g> I also haven't updated it since my daughter was born (she turns 3 this Saturday), but I'll do it someday!  I'm glad to hear you connected with Don Mike. He's one of my favorite people on the planet.

    Like many people I've talked to, the first time I saw "Shock Treatment" I HATED it. I told myself going in that it wasn't "Rocky Horror" and Tim wasn't in it, but I was still disappointed. It wasn't "Rocky Horror." Tim wasn't in it. I'd heard that if I watched it again, I might start to like it, but I figured they'd have to put a gun to my head to make me watch THAT again.

    But all the cool kids at "Rocky Horror" were always talking about "Shock Treatment" and singing the songs, and I wanted to join in the fun, so I forced myself to sit through it again. And I still hated it. But the songs were great, so I made myself a cassette to play in the car. By the time I'd watched the movie for the fourth time, I was really starting to enjoy it. I shouldn't admit this, but...when our cast (the gone but not forgotten Junior Chamber of Commerce Players) FINALLY got a copy of "Shock Treatment" to show one Halloween (1992 maybe?) I involuntarily wailed "noooo!" when my friend started doing callbacks, because I really wanted to hear the movie!

    "Shock Treatment" is such a fun movie, and I do love a happy ending. I wish there were more Nell/Pat/Richard in the movie, but it did introduce me to the careers of Barry Humphries and Ruby Wax (just what I needed: more collections!).

Your faithful servant,
Betty from Denton (because I did go to Denton High, and have the yearbook to prove it)