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Kenny Seitter is This Months' Mr. Mental Health!

(July/August 2005)

Kenny lives near me in the Kansas City area and I've known him for years.  He has contributed a lot to the Shock Treatment experience here in KC and in Wichita's Big-O convention.  He has always had STRONG enthusiasm for the success of Shock Treatment, and has proven that more than once with his clever lines, wit, dedication and determination.  Therefore, it was no problem to ask if he would like to be the Mental Health winner for July and August '05.  Here was his reply to my initial email...


Thanks for nominating me for Mr. Mental Health!  I am more than honored!

My fascination with RHPS started in October 1998 at the Trailridge Cinemas, where I faintly heard about Shock Treatment.  I, of loved RHPS the first time I saw it.  The following Saturday I brought my brother to see RHPS when lo and behold, they started playing RHPS on Friday and Shocky on Saturday.  It was Shock Treatment night.  I didn't like it at first ( I walked out in the middle of it) and didn't see it again for a couple of years.  During those couple years I discovered The Shock Treatment Network and I was reading the fan fic at work, becoming curious as to what happened between "Frankie Comes Again" and "Shock Treatment 2K".  I finally got a hold of Shocky on VHS and now (the tape) spends more time in my VCR than any other movie I own.  Lately I have been a contributor to this site, mainly fixing broken links and other what not and will continue to contribute to this site, hopefully taking over a page or two.  This IS one of the biggest if not THE biggest Shock Treatment site on the internet.
And thanks again for naming me......Mr. Mental Health!


Here's a cool pic he sent me of him with Ron Jeremy at a local strip club here in Kansas CIty, in May of 2002.  Thanks, Kenny.