The Italian Video Release

(The front cover...)

The video was released in Italy.  It is legitimate.  I've heard mixed reports about whether the language is dubbed into Italian or not.  One source said, yes, it is spoken (dubbed) in Italian.  Another source says it is NOT dubbed into Italian at all, and is kept entirely in English.  If you know for a fact, please contact The Shock Treatment Network and let us know.  Also of curiousity: Are the songs dubbed in Italian? Or just the dialogue, leaving the songs in English?

(...the side...)

(...the back of the box...) (NOTE: Yes, that *IS* a picture of Barry Bostwick from his days in theater... but the video is real, not a fake or bootleg or copy.  The designers of the box-art just made a mistake)

(...the top of the box...)

(...last but not least...the tape itself)