1.  Macy has a pair of sunglasses, usually scene hanging from her coat pocket.  What color are the shades?
"They are silver mirror"
2.  What is the very first word that Macy says (or sings) in the movie?
"You're" (in the song Denton USA, she sings "You're gonna get a whole lot to please ya!"
3.  What is the name of the department store display that Macy stands in front of during Denton USA?
"Downtown Modes"
4.  In the song Denton USA, what alphabet letter does she stand in front of?
"The Letter N"
5.  What is the last song that Macy Struthers appears in?
"Anyhow Anyhow" (she is scene in Cosmo's office during the Denton USA reprise)
6.  What color is the scarf around Macy's neck through the first half of the film?
7.  What does Macy say to Ralph when he suggests that she help Janet freshen up?
"She smiles and says 'Sure'. "  This is right after the song Shock Treatment ends.
8.  In the song Look What I Did To My ID, what item does Nation throw to Macy to accessorize her faith factory outfit?
"Nation tosses Macy a stethoscope at the very start of the song."
9.  After the song Breaking Out, Farley holds a staff meeting in his office.  What does Macy do under the table during the meeting?
"Macy's left hand roam under the table...on Ralph's upper leg!"
10.  What does Macy hold in her hand when Farley kisses her?
"A white Kleenex tissue."