THIS PAGE IS FOR FANS WHO HAVE MORPHED IMAGES, SHOCK TREATMENT RELATED.  They do not have to have captions, but captions are certainly welcome.

Below are some images morphed from ST fan Daniel W. McCoy.  Most were inspired by morphs created by the Shock Treatment Network (see bottom images).  Daniel is incredibly talented in this area, and we hope to see more of his morphed images in the future!  You can reach him at

Riff: "You Know this earthling--Person?"

For some reason, Janet feels a sense of deja vu...

Cosmo: "I dont know why you watch this show, its not very mentaly hygenic."

Nobody seemed to notice that Brad had secretly switched his car for the convertible that was offered to Janet.

Cosmo: "You're the most desirable creature that ever walked..."

"When I said strip strip strip, I didn't mean literally."

Cosmo: "Now feel for lumps...  And always remember, Brad... Self-examination is the best way to prevent breast cancer..."

NO CAPTION AVAILABLE.  This was an early effort of Daniel's.  It would be interesting to see how this would look if the TV monitor image were red in color instead of blue.  Then it would be very much like the video box for Shock Treatment.  "Trust me, I'm a Janet," anyone?

Here are some pictures that the Shock Treatment Network "morphed" together.  Click on the image for a larger version of them.