Mrs. Drill

(Not Pictured)


Mrs. Drill is Brenda and Oscar Drill's mother.  She dresses like she stepped out of the sixties.  She is very proud of her children.  During the band's song "Breaking Out," she stood up from her seat and shouted "uh huh huh!" twice!  (Source: Shock Treatment)


Just before Brad and Janet and the gang fled Denton's TV studio, the audience was escorted to the Dentonvale hallways, where they put on straight jackets.  Mrs. Drill, however, never made it that far.  On the way to the halls, she became distracted: she suddenly had the munchies from smokin' that joint in the women's bathroom an hour before, and so she left the television studio and went home to eat some good food.  For the next 15 years, she was always known to be sitting in her beanbag in the livingroom of her home, staring at a blank television screen (which wasn't even plugged in).  Occassionally, she'd light up...  Occassionally, she'd blink.  Occasionally she'd eat...  And every once in a while when something in her mind flashed, she would laugh out loud...
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