Nation McKinley


Birthplace / date of birth are unknown.  Came over from Europe with her brother, Cosmo.  Has used various last names, all of which belonged originally to U.S. presidents.  Went to college with her sister, Nation.  Stars in television show called Dentonvale.  She and her brother helped their boss brainwash an entire studio audience.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


After brainwashing an entire studio audience, Nation and her brother joined their boss Farley on a massive manhunt to find Brad and Janet who had escaped them in the studio.  After a short time, Nation and Cosmo escaped the mind-bending clutches of Farley and fled to California where they became soap opera stars on the FOX network.  Nation also provided voice-over for a dozen or so product comercials, primarily fashion.  The two of them married in 1998, and appeared on The Jerry Springer Show together (episode 1987.34, "I'm Sleeping With My Sister").  In late 1998, Nation and Cosmo traveled to New York (reason unknown to us) and was mugged by an unknown assailant.  Some people say the mugger was a bum that looked an awful lot like Brad Majors.  No one knows for sure.  Nation was left unconcious in the street that evening, where her body was discovered (murdered) the next morning.
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