Neely Pritt

Neely Pritt


Neely Pritt is the lead reporter for DTV.  She has a crew that follows her every command.  She enjoys the spotlight.  Likes to wear new clothes and brag about them.  Proud of her town.  Feels that everything good happens to other people, instead of her.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


Neely, being a middle child, always was disappointed when good things happened to others, sort of the "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" thing.  As a child she cried a lot when she didn't win games.  In high school, she knew she wanted to be a reporter, and after graduation moved temporarily to New York to make it big.  After that failed, she whined a little and then went back to Denton, where she was landed a job as lead reporter of DTV studios (where Shock Treatment starts off).  When Brad and Janet escaped Farley's show, Neely tried to stay positive, but felt something was wrong.  She looked for her 2 crew members, but they had vanished (they had stolen the company vehicle and fled Denton).  Under closer observation, she saw the studio audience was...brainwashed.  She knew there was a story there, but before she could tell it, she had to find Janet and Brad to get the inside details.  And so, it seemed obvious that fleeing Denton, as Brad and Janet had, was the only way out.  She fled, knowing that if she stayed, she would be brainwashed too.  She has searched many years now for Janet, but failed.  A couple times, she came close to some leads as to where her friend Janet Majors was, but to this day, has had no contact, and no idea where Janet is.  She continues searching...
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