Of course, nothing is free.  Who are we kidding.  However, in order to stop people from selling it and profiting from it, we're offering to GIVE AWAY a free Little Nell Disc CDR.  Twenty (20) tracks in all!  Completely produced by the Shock Treatment Network.  Or should we say, professionally produced?  Here's what we did.

We collected all the Little Nell tracks we could find and placed them on a CDR.
Then we went and had the tracks PROFESSIONALLY printed directly onto a CD (no sticker label).
We had 100 of them produced (they look awesome!).
We REFUSE to make any profit on this...however we do need to make up the cost.  Which is exactly what you pay for.  You pay only for shipping and the cost of the printing onto the CD.  Which is pretty cheap.  Only one buck plus shipping costs.  Then all you do is mail the money to us or paypal the money to us.  It's that simple.

HERE'S the track listing:

1.  Beauty Queen - Fast (Split Channels)
2.  Beauty Queen - Fast (Combined Channels)
3.  Beauty Queen - Fast (Instrumental)
4.  Beauty Queen - Fast (Acapella)
5.  Beauty Queen - Slow (SplitChannels)
6.  Beauty Queen - Slow (Combined Channels)
7.  Beauty Queen - Slow (Instrumental)
8.  Beauty Queen - Slow (Acapella)
9.  Fever (Short Version)
10.  Fever (Long Version)
11.  Fever (Jensy's Version)
12.  See You Round Like A Record
13.  Do The Swim
14.  Do The Swim (Splash Splash Version)
15.  Stilettos And Lipstick
16.  Stilettos And Lipstick (Alternate UK Single Version)
17.  Dance That Cocktail Latin Way (Tropical Isle)
18.  Tuff Little Surfer Boy
19.  Kid's Good
20.  The Little Nell Megamix