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October 1, 2012

Thanks for the kind reception.  Your kind words have been appreciated.  If you haven't had a chance to "like" us on facebook, do so.  On facebook, we are listed as THE shock treatment network.  (gotta have the word "the" in there...) - And by the way, Lincoln Nebraska played a Shocky Rocky double feature in September.  I hope somebody took pictures!  Maybe somebody there could review the event?

So...what is new this month?

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Shock Treatment TRIVIA TRACK VIDEO part 1 of 30...............click HERE.  (to save it, right click and save as...)
OR watch it on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Aq5eY--Rk

Interview with SOWNTRAAK......................click HERE.

A new SPOT THE DIFFERENCE GAME.................click HERE.

MR / MISS MENTAL HEALTH WINNER...................click HERE

Cool Shock Treatment "fan-made" promotion video
Shock Treatment Shadow-Cast Pics
Update of Merchandise list
Marriage Maze (Season 2)
A new Word Search
A new Spot The Difference Challenge
Name The Audience Member
What's Your Favorite ST Song?
A NEW Mr. or Mrs. Mental Health! (Interested? contact me below)

September 1, 2012
The Shock Treatment Network is back - up and running again by its original creater, Donny O'Bryan.

In 1996, the site had it's start on one of the "free" hosts (I can't even remember what it was...maybe started with a Z or an X, who knows).  The site was not promoted, it was rarely updated...it just existed.  It wasn't until 1998 that I really decided to put a strong effort into it.  By 1999, "The Shock Treatment Network" was officially up and running - and gaining fans.  At first, updates were very regular (monthly) then non-regular (every other month) and finally at its lowest (rarely updated).  In 2008, I financially could not afford it and let it go (trust me, I had every intention to bring it back as soon as possible)  Unfortunately, when I was ready to bring it back, the domain name had been bought by someone else (he knows who he is, ahem).  That was when I lost my dream to continue.  Or at least, I thought so.  You see, the film - and specifically this website is like a family member.  You're always going to love it.  It's always going to be your baby.  In short, I yearned for it - but I couldn't figure out how to bring the site back up since somebody else owned the domain name.

Alas, here it is...2012...and the site is back up.  I owe it to a very good friend of mine.  Jeff Mace suggested I just find a new domain name that people could remember.  And wa-la!  The STN is back on the air.  With a new drive and passion, I plan to have it stick around for a while.  I've paid for the domain name for many years to come, so that should not be a problem.  (Just remember to put the word "the" in front of "shock treatmentnetwork" in the URL and you'll be fine.)  If you have the old link listed on your website, correct it at this time.  We certainly wouldn't want fans to go to the wrong place (especially if you-know-who decides to go ahead and use my old domain name for his own benefit, ahem.)

Anyhow (anyhow)...Thanks for listening.  I have archived the site's "What's New" sections for years past.  Click HERE.

So...what is new for our first update since its return?

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KARAOKE INSTRUMENTAL of "Lullaby"...............click HERE.  (to save it, right click and save as...)

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE GAME.................click HERE.

SHOCK TREATMENT WORD SEARCH...................click HERE

A NEW Mr. or Mrs. Mental Health! (Interested? contact me below)

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