Thanks to Amy Balot for this wonderful theshocktreatmentnetwork animation!


January 31, 2008
Hello everyone.  Many of noticed that the site hasn't been updated for a full year.  I appreciated the emails of concern for my well-being, as well as emails that expressed continued support of the site.

Over this past year, I had many (TOO MANY) emotional hurtles to deal with, such as my father's death and dealing with a long-term relationship break up of MANY years.  By Summer's start, I was an emotional wreck, unable to focus on anything.  I ended up in a hospital for a suicide attempt, followed by weeks of therapy and regulated meds.  I eventually found happiness in projects not related to Shock Treatment, and I can proudly say that I am off most of the meds now and finished with therapy.  My closest friends knew what was happening, and have been very supportive.

Unfortunately, this site suffered the most.

And for that, I apologize.  My heart is not completely back into it yet, but who knows what the future will bring.

Well, there are a couple of note-worthy news to share regarding Shock Treatment over the past year and the upcoming months.

1.  Manning Redwood, the actor who played Janet's father, passed away.  RIP.
2. Richard O'Brien is set to reprise his role as Dr. Cosmo McKinley in the upcoming film "Scary Movie 5".
3.  Gary Shail, who plays Oscar Drill, will be a guest at a USA showing of Shock Treatment.  For info, click HERE.

That's about it for now.  Several people have submitted the necessary info to "join" and become a member of the site, and I have put those aside until I can provide the site with more much needed focus.  It's not that I don't care for Shock anymore, it's just I need to apply more attention to me, and making myself better emotionally.  I assure you, I have no desire to shut the site down anytime soon.

January 8, 2007
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Here we are again, with a new update.  Speaking of updates, I would like to make an important announcement.  There will (for the time being) be a change with updates at The Shock Treatment Network.  I will tell you the short jist of it now, but if you want more details, feel free to click here.  Basically, there will be no more SCHEDULED updates at the Shock Treatment Network.  My love and admiration of the film is still very strong, but I find myself with not enough time at the moment.  NOTE: This does not mean that there will be no more updates.  Just not scheduled ones.  As more time frees up, eventually, I will return to scheduled updates.  Thanks for your support over the past 8-9 years.  Now on with the last scheduled udpate (for now).


I made a video of Time Warp for you RHPS fans out there.  Here's the link to it at YouTube.


Again, I made this video and here's the link to it at YouTube.


More members have joined since the USA release of the DVD in September 2006.


We're starting the new year off with a new Miss Mental Health winner!


This month, we're honoring the recently released RHPS/ST box set that comes with a free T-shirt.  Those interested in finding this LEGITIMATE (not bootleg) box set, should search for it on ebay.  It's truly a rare gem with limited release from 20th Century Fox.


You can see the entire "Rocky Horror Treatment" (RHT) broken up in 3 parts and posted on YouTube.  For those who don't know, RHT is a documentary that aired on television months before Shock Treatment was released at theaters.  With comercials, it was a half hour special that documents the history of Rocky Horror and the "making of" Shock Treatment.  Check 'em out: PART ONE, PART TWO and PART THREE.


Thanks to a great fan who emailed me this online review of Shock Treatment on DVD.  Thank you, Steven Worek!


For those countries who had the DVD released without the bonus features that appeared on the USA release, here's a link to view the making of Shock Treatment "shockumentary" in full.  Unfortunately, due to its length, it had to be broken into two pieces.  Click HERE for part one and HERE for part two.


Another bonus feature included on the USA DVD release, shown here in full for those who didn't get to see it and most likely won't.


And finally, here's another special feature found on the USA release.  Thanks to Shawn McHorse for providing this link.  For those who want to compare the international trailer to the theatrical trailer, you can see it HERE.  While I'm on the subject, check out Shawn's revised site (his original was great and this one looks even better).


January 5, 1940 - Mike Molloy (cinematographer) was born in Sydney, Australia
January 8, 1941 - Graham Chapman (Advisor, uncredited) was born in Leicester, England.
January 16, 1936 - Michael White (co-executive producer) was born.
January 17, 1978 - Marc Sirdoreus (Marc With A C) born in San Diego, California (USA)
February 12, l945 (or 1948*) - Cliff De Young (Brad Majors) was born in Los Angeles, CA, USA (*found 2 different sources)
February 16, 1929 - Manning Redwood (Harry Weiss) was born in New York, New York, USA
February 17, 1934 - Barry Humphries (Bert Schnick) was born in Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
February 22, 1938 - Barry Dennen (Irwin Lapsey) was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA

SPECIAL UPDATE: Monday, December 25, 2006


Sadly, 30-second Quiz has been cancelled.  Damn that new sponser!  But don't worry, The Shock Treatment Network will now air a new trivia show called Tasty Trivia Tidbits.  Good luck to you all!  Look for the next major update to be around Monday, January 8, 2007.  Until then, cheers!  And Happy Holidays!

SPECIAL UPDATE: Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sims: Shock Treatment Style

Thanks to a viewer / fan who submitted his version of Shock Treatment that he created on his Sims game.  I welcome all creations like this.  Just email them if you have more.  Or even Sims footage! (Special thanks to Sarno!)


And also, special thanks to viewer Ashley Karstunen for pointing out this exciting announcement.  Unfortunately, like many releases, the special features are bare...just the trailer.

November / December 2006
Thanks for your patience.  Here's this month's update!

Beauty Queen Music Videos:


Using footage from the film "I Wanna Be A Beauty Queen", I made 3 video versions.  One day in the future, I'll finish making videos for the ballad version of the song.  Until then, enjoy these.

Duel Duet Anime Video

Someone sent me this and I can't remember who it is (thank you!) but I wanted to share it with you.

Beauty Queen (Don Mike's Beautiful Mix)

Thank you so much Don Mike.  He recently sent me this remix that he made years ago and I find it fantastic to listen to.  This man has quite a talent and I hope to see more of his work posted here in the future.  Perhaps more Shock Treatment and/or Rocky Horror mixes?

New Mental Health Winner!

This is a first.  Over the years, we've had various winners, male and female.  This month will be our first Mr. and Miss. Mental Health, and they are father and daughter.  I was thrilled when I started receiving emails from the father detailing how Shock Treatment was such a great film and how he has turned his daughter onto it as well.  This kind of enthusiasm deserves this high honor.  Congratulations!

Rocky Horror Treatment Clips

For those who are not members, I provided a small clip that was previously available only to members.  Enjoy this rare gem.  Okay, cuz it's the 25th Anniversary, non-members can also see this clip:  HERE.

Sample CLIP: Shock Treatment Shockumentary from USA DVD

I have received many emails from disappointed fans of other countries complaining that their release of Shock Treatment on DVD does not include the special features that appear on the USA release.  They have asked if I could post the extra features.  Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, I cannot, but I can show you a clip from it.

Sample CLIP: Shock Treatment Music Retrospective from USA DVD

See the explanation above...

Sample CLIP: Shock Treatment International Trailer from USA DVD

See the explanation above...  (NOTE: The international trailer is the same trailer as the theatrical trailer, but without the Cosmo intro and outro.  It ends with a unique title screen.)

Members Only Download Page

Members have exclusive access to rare stuff for download.  Not a member?  Why not become a "Regular Farley Fan" and join!

Oh, and one more thing...I fixed the broken video links from last update:

Bitchen In The Kitchen Music Video
Carte Blanche Music Video
Breaking Out Karaoke Video
and Carte Blanche Karaoke Video


Update: September 11, 2006

September, 1981 - Month originally slated for release of Shock Treatment at select theaters.
September 5, 2006 - Shock Treatment released on DVD in the USA.
September 8, 1998 - Shock Treatment Network "on the air" (first day on the internet)
September 20, 1955 - Betsy Brantley (Neely Pritt) was born in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, USA
September 25, 1998 - First showing of Shock Treatment during Kansas City's 9 consecutive weekends of the film at the Trailridge Cinema.
September 25, 1998 - Chicago's Midnight Madness cast performs the film as special guests for the opening night (double feature with The Rocky Horror Picture Show) at Kansas City's Trailridge Cinema.
October, 1981 - 2nd attempt at releasing Shock Treatment to select theaters in a pre-halloween release date.  However, it did not end up released at that time.
October 1, 1951 - Perry Bedden (Neely's Crew, Sound Man) was born in London, England.  His birth name is Pierre Bedenes.
October 4, 1989 - Graham Chapman (Advisor, uncredited) dies of spinal and throat cancer
October 10, 1949 - Jessica Harper (Janet Majors) was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
October 19, 1966 - Sinitta Renet (Francine) was born in Washington, District of Columbia, USA
October 28, 1979 - Richard O'Brien publicly announces that Shock Treatment is "in the works" at a Rocky Horror convention in New York.
Before we get into the updates, I feel a need to share something.  Recently, my DVD burner stopped working on my computer so tonight or tomorrow, I will be taking it into the shop to get the recorder working or replaced (it's under warranty).  Hopefully, this will take only a day or two.  I'm not sure.  However, when it is returned, I plan on doing WEEKLY updates for the Shock Treatment Network, including the return of the 30-second Quiz, which used to run weekly "back in the day".  (For those that don't know, comedian Dane Cook has informed me that "back in the day" was a Wednesday.  Just thought I'd share that).  Now, on with the updates...  (PS...if any of these links are broken, then I'll correct them when the computer is returned.)


I've recently had some email exchange with Gary Martin --and one very brief phone call-- to set up an interview.  While I am waiting for the actually interview (should be soon, perhaps this weekend, as Gary states in his email), I decided to post his most recent email, which tells us what he's been up to lately.  Look forward to the interview as soon as it's finished and posted.  (For those that don't know who Gary Martin is, he is one of the bits' guitarists--sort of looks like George Michael in Shock Treatment)


Several new people have decided to become Regular Farley Fans.  Here's the most recent update of that list.  Remember, if you know any other fans of Shock Treatment, have them join!  And while we're on the subject of members, check out the next link to find out what members receive...

Members Only Download Page

Besides email notification, members get exclusive access to a members only download page where they are treated to several goodies that are not in print.  Not a member yet?  Feel free to join!


I waited for the DVD to come out and rushed together not one, but 5 new chapters.  Also, I redid the first chapter, using the DVD as a source for images.  Enjoy.

Small Clip from "Rocky Horror Treatment"

Last update, we provided non-members with a taste of the rarely seen documentary "Rocky Horror Treatment".  Now non-members can see yet another clip from this rare gem.  (NOTE: Members can see the entire thing on the current Members Only Download page)


Previously available to members only, some are available now for the general public for a limited time.  Enjoy.


Some new audio has been added to the audio page for download or playback.  Some are samples (The theshocktreatmentnetwork will never share to the public any full length audio of things still in print.  We encourage purchasing legal copywrite CDs).  However, I have added some full audio for some out of print or never released on CD songs.  Some songs previously available to members only have now been added as well.


Also returning: Mr or Miss Mental Health.  This was a feature that we had a long time ago, which I had forgotten about.  I'd like to keep it going regularly again.  If you feel you deserve to be Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs Mental Health, give us an email and tell us why.  Who knows, you can be the next winner!  (NOTE: While, I made an exception to this individual, all future Mental Health winners must allow their complete name to be presented in the page)


Want to know more about the making of Shock Treatment?  Want to know some interesting "flubs" (mistakes) in the film?  Now's your chance.  This update includes new information, as well as previously available, and includes images as a guide.


Need I say more?


Like to sing songs from Shock Treatment?  Now you can sing along to these 3 karaoke instrumentals.  They are...


Well, I was directed to this site that reviewed Shock Treatment on DVD.  It was nice to see a positive review instead of the negative reviews from people who don't understand Shock Treatment!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I've corrected various little things in various pages (links, images, etc) that you can discover randomly.  The content in those pages haven't changed, per say, but just minor little twitches.  Well, that's it for now.  Now it's time to take my computer in to be fixed.  When it returns, the theshocktreatmentnetwork will be updated every Monday.  Stay tuned folks...

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special Update: July 22, 2006
Hooplah!  Kenny Seitter (my theshocktreatmentnetwork GOD! hehe) has submitted a revised and beautiful looking "Ultimate Audience Participation Script" for Shock Treatment, perfect timing for the 25th anniversary, wouldn't you agree!?!  :)  See ya in the next update folks!

Special Update: July 15, 2006
Thanks to fan Leo Kirschner for leading me to a link or two with images, I can finally show you what the USA DVD release of Shock Treatment cover art will look like!  Thanks Leo!

Update: July / August 2006

Well, it's almost here!  On September 5, the USA receives an official DVD release of Shock Treatment with plenty of goodies to boot!  While you're waiting, here's some updates for this round...

Marc With A C Music Video "Bitchin' In The Kitchen"

I made this video using the film footage, set to Marc's wonderful voice.  It was kinda funny, cuz when Janet starts to sing, and you hear Marc's vocals instead of Jessica's, it almost seems like the vocals belong to the actress.  At least in my opinion (lol).

Marc With A C Music Video "Breakin' Out"

And another one.  This is one of my faves.

German mini-documentary / promotion of Rocky Horror

On the video release of Shock Treatment, there was a mini documentary on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  While it has absolutely nothing to do with Shock Treatment, I have not seen it floating around anywhere, so I thought some of you RHPS fans might enjoy seeing it -- even if you don't know a word of German.

Small Clip from "Rocky Horror Treatment"

This clip talks about The Rocky Horror Picture Show phenomenom, and includes some Shock Treatment elements.  (NOTE: Shock Treatment Network members can watch a much larger portion of Rocky Horror Treatment in the Members Only Download Page.  Not a member?  Feel free to join!  It's great to be a Regular Farley Fan!)

5-second clip from Shock Treatment DVD (no audio)

Thanks to Sarno Dasonras, who sent me this brief clip so those who haven't seen the DVD yet, can see how good the quality is.  He also wrote a wonderful review of the UK release.  You can read it HERE.

Intro Clip from Italian video of Shock Treatment

Recently I captured the introduction of the Italian video release of Shock Treatment.  I thought you might find the introduction interesting.  Not just the subtitles (Anyone who knows Italian--I'd love to know what the literal translation is reading in subtitles), but also the tiny clip from the trailer tagged on.  Watch it.  You'll see what I mean.

Audience Participation Script updated (Thanks Kenny!)

Regular Farley Fan member Kenny Seiter has updated our ultimate Shock Treatment Audience Participation Script.

Members Only Download Page

COMING IN NEXT UPDATE (Sept/October) - To honor the 25th Anniversary, we'll have our new Miss Mental Health to share with everyone.  We'll also provide a FREE gift to members (current mailing address MUST be on file, or send a current one via email).  We'll also be sharing some never shared before treats.  Look forward to this wonderful celebration!

Special Update: June 12, 2006

Today, Amazon finally mentions the USA DVD release for Shock Treatment, allowing presale orders.  Click HERE.  September 5 cannot come quick enough!

Special Update: June 07, 2006

Shock Treatment USA release date for DVD... check it out at  Thanks Q. Benji for this link!  Some decent special features too!

Also, for members, the Don Mike Video has been fixed for those who had audio/video sync problems...

Special Update: May 23, 2006
Sore muscles and aching body--but I'm finally moved in!  Woohoo!  I'm exhausted.  I took some vacation time for the move, and wish I taken more for resting.  Anyhow anyhow, wanted to share a bit of update...

Thanks to TimmyP for directing me the following website for a review of the UK box set with Shock Treatment on DVD.  Besides the review, there are many screen grabs from the movie and a great explanation on the widescreen format and sound.   Check it out HERE (

A couple of fans have emailed me wanting to know more about the UK convention coming up May 27 and May 28.  Here's the website for more information:  This should be a GREAT convention.  I only wish I could afford overseas travel--I'd be there for sure.  It's featuring many Shock Treatment related guests, including: Gary Shail ("Oscar Drill"), Patricia Quinn ("Nation McKinley"), Perry Bedden ("Neely's Cameraman"), Annabel Leventon ("Housewife in audience"), and Richard Hartley (Musical Director of Shock Treatment).  There are other guests as well, including cast members of various RHS productions.  NOTE:  I am asking someone that goes there to please PLEASE write a review of it, particular attention to Shock Treatment details.  I would appreciate it very much.  Pics would be nice too.  And if you get a chance everyone, tell Gary Shail hello and tell him hello for me!  ;-)

And for the Regular Farley Fans (members of the Shock Treatment Network), the members only download page is available now.  I have sent out emails to members with the URL address.

Barring any special updates regarding DVD release information, I'll see you with the new update July 3rd.

Special Update: May 13, 2006
Found out some good news everyone.  A special commentary track has been recently recorded for the USA DVD release of Shock Treatment.  The USA release is being geered to the fans, for the fans.  The DVD will also feature the theatrical trailer and will be widescreen.  A Fox representative suggested the release date of October 2006, but that could change.

Also, for those waiting on the UK box set of RHPS and ST, I found a website that shows the MENU screens for BOTH movies.  Wow.  Scroll to the bottom of that page and see the screen grabs for ST's menu pages.  Too too cool.

Update: May / June 2006
Well, it's good to be back with a new update.  I've received several emails from USA fans who ask if I have any word yet on a DVD release in the USA.  Sadly, nothing has been brought to my attention.  There are some whispers / rumors (which I have not verified as of yet) that a DVD could appear in October 2006 to mark the 25th Anniversary date, but they are only RUMORS.  Trust me, the moment I find out for sure, I'll be sending the word out like wildfire.  BUT here's something that is intersting: Germany has just released the DVD.  And it has the coolest cover I've seen so far.  Check it out at

Speaking of DVD releases, I am interested in purchasing all the DVDs from other countries that have released it or will be releasing it.  However, I am not sure how to do this, as I live in the USA.  For example, I would love to have the Italian DVD, but I can't even make out the website (in Italian) to find out how to order it and ship to USA or even if they allow that.  So I'm asking anyone for suggestions.  If you're from one of those countries, I'm even willing to PayPal some money or snail mail some US dollars out to you if you can get it for me and mail it to me.  Or maybe someone out there knows of how I can order it directly from the website.  I'm not sure.

On a personal front, I'm in the process of moving to a new home (again) (the 3rd move since I started this site nearly 9 years ago...) so I'm in a bit of dissarray, and somewhat unorganized.  This sort of rushes my update a bit, but at least I made it out in time.  Due to this move, some updates that I wanted to have will just have to wait until after the move.  This includes an interview with someone who attended Shock Treatment back when it first came out in 1981.  Trust me, this is really cool.

All the UK fans make sure you go to the UK con in May because there are some Shock Treatment folks there!  Including Gary Shail!  It is not to be missed!  Of course, this is not limited to UK fans, so ANY ST FAN that can afford it, get out to the UK and check it out!  Unfortunately, I will not be able to go (I wish I was loaded with money, but alas, I'm not).  I want pics people!  Lots and lots of pics!  Have fun!

During the last two months, I had made an arrangement to talk to someone connected to Shock Treatment - a meeting that would benefit the future of this website (sorry about being so secretive--I'm superstitious that way).  However, the planned meeting has been postponed, so the outcome is still sitting in limbo.  Hopefully I'll have some news one day.  And NOW...on to the updates...



Singer Marc With A C recorded several Shock Treatment songs, and recently recorded one more: "Farley's Song".  Definately my favorite so far...  Thanks for sharing this and allowing me to share it with others, Marc!


I really want to finish this movie novel but it is taking a looooooooong time!  And to be honest, I've been stalling until the widescreen DVD is released and in my hands, as I want the images to be widescreen.  So Farley Fans, here's what I'll do at that point: I'll continue using the widescreen DVD images.  So the first half will be non-widescreen, and the second half will be widescreen.  Then AFTER that, I'll go back and recapture the first half chapter by chapter until one day the whole thing will be all widescreen.  Whew!  In the meantime, I've added another chapter, "Me of Me".  Enjoy.


I've got a few fun stuff for members only.  However, due to moving into my new home, I haven't had a chance to finish this page.  I will send out an email to all members when it is available.  Look for it within the next two weeks or sooner.  (NOTE: Last month's MOD page was up for a limited time only, and has been removed.  Thanks for all the wonderful compliments and emails regarding it)


Previously available to members only, some are available now for the general public for 60 days only.  Enjoy.


Some new audio has been added to the audio page for download or playback.  Some are samples (The theshocktreatmentnetwork will never share to the public any full length audio of things still in print.  We encourage purchasing legal copywrite CDs).  However, I have added some full audio for some out of print or never released on CD songs.  Some songs previously available to members only have now been added as well.

NEXT UPDATE:  Monday, July 3, 2006.

Update: March 14, 2006
More DVD updates:  As previously stated, Shock Treatment (ST) has been announced for release in the UK as a "Lips" box set.  It is also available as a normal box set.  Then we recently announced that ST has ALREADY been released in Italy.  Now I have found out it is being released in Germany as well.  Follow this Amazon link HERE.  Woohoo!  Perhaps a US release is on the way?!  Let's cross our fingers, fans!  After all, this fall/winter is the 25th anniversary.  You think this (these) releases are purely coincidental?  I think not!  :)

Update: March / April 2006
This update is a special update for "members" only.  An email explaining has been sent out with special goodies for members.  Don't worry, non-members, a new update will return on Monday, May 8th, 2006.  Between now (March 7) through May 8th, I will gladly accept new members, but will not have any corrospondance regarding membership until May 8th.  There's something new on the horizon at the Shock Treatment Network, and I'm looking forward to presenting it!  In the meantime, read the update directly below about an official DVD release for Shock Treatment in Italy.  See ya in May!


Update: February 28, 2006
Yesterday, I received an email from Davide Borelli, who directed me to the announcement of (what appears to be) an OFFICIAL release of Shock Treatment on DVD, in Italy.  This is a DVD by itself, not the aforementioned "Lip Box Set" of Rocky and Shock together.  It appears to be widescreen, with languages of English and Italian, and subtitles in Italian.  That seems to be all on this DVD release.  Here are 4 links on it that appear to be legitamate websites that sell DVDs.  The release date has already past us (2-22-06) so place your orders collectors!

Oh, and while I'm at it...Amazon U.K. has officially listed the "Lips Box Set" DVD at...

Update: January / February, 2006

This one came out late to everyone.  I apologize.  For Christmas I got a new computer, and programs needed re-installed.  But that was just the start: I got a new program for video editing, and quite honestly, I've been SOOOOOOOOOO busy making videos for Shock Treatment.


Yes, it's true.  Click on the link above and read all about it.  Will a U.S. release be far behind?  Let's hope so.  This information / link was sent to me by a few people, and it appears to be legit.


On New Year's Eve, I phoned Marc With A C for an indepth interview.  Check it out!



Please welcome our new members who are proud to be Regular Farley Fans!

Update: November 27, 2005

Normally, the update would be every other month, putting the next update at January of 2006.  But due to an email or two that were time sensative, I felt the need for a special update.  So read on.  (Oh, and before I forget: a special SHOUT OUT to the lovely Kerstin, aka Sonia_Godspell_08!  Gotta love ya!)


Marc With A C, who recorded those wonderful covers of Shock Treatment songs, has a concert coming up.  You can read about it HERE.


On the last update, I announced the Shock Treatment convention in Los Angeles for October 2006.  This event was not put together by The Shock Treatment Network, only endorsed by it.  The event planners in California emailed me with bad news about its cancellation.  Here is there email, word for word.

I regret to inform you that my partners and investor have cancelled NecroCosmocon.  They feel that we should have incorporated a panel into an existing (general horror/scifi) convention and I disagree.  I've been out-voted 3 to 1 and have no means to pull this off on my own.  LA is a hard market because everyone is so jaded and they are not interested in venturing out of LA.

This is very disappointing, but I wanted you to know first.


Update: November / December 2005


I was thrilled to track down Claire Toeman, who played Oscar Drill's sister, Brenda, in Shock Treatment.  While she has difficulty remembering many details of 1980-81 regarding the filming of ST, she does provide one or two really cool details that are worth reading about.  And, as Ralph Hapschatt says in ST, "It all happens right here."  Enjoy it!


Okay, I've known about this for some time now but was sworn to secrecy (see mention of it below in update dated June 12th, at the very bottom of that update titled "something secret").  Here's the details.  Someone way back in June, if not May, of this year, contacted me.  They were in Hollywood California, and put together conventions for films's aniversaries (i.e. Friday The 13th anniversaries with special actor guests).  He said he wanted my endorsement in a convention marking the 25th Anniversary of Shock Treatment in 2006.  He stated that it would be in Hollywood (his original plan was Denton, Texas until I talked him out of it).  He promises celebrity guests.  This convention would showcase Shock Treatment and also will show Rocky Horror Picture Show (for once, RHPS will be in the shadows of ST).   FINALLY, he has contacted me and said it was okay to announce the dates at this time, with OTHER DETAILS TO FOLLOW SOON!  So, the dates it is: October 6, 7, & 8 of 2006.  List of events and guests will be announced here as soon as he confirms them.  For more details, you can email him at


Gary "Oscar Drill" Shail (who I interviewed recently) mailed me some wonderful items including two recent photos of him.  Click HERE and HERE.  You can also see images of the ORIGINAL cassette tape that he gave me of the backing track instrumental of Breaking Out for the movie: Images 1, 2 & 3.


Last year, a magazine came out with a lengthy article on Shock Treatment.  The writer has a BLOG which he has provided the "Director's Cut" -if you will- for you to read: the original unedited article.  Check it out!


Singer Marc With A C recorded several ShockTreatment songs, and recently recorded one more: "Thank God I'm A Man".  Probably my favorite now...


This update, I did not 1, not 2, not 3 chapters... I did SIX chapters.  (I really want to finish this feature!) Enjoy.



Please welcome our new members who are proud to be Regular Farley Fans!


The top 5 collectors of Shock Treatment items has been updated.


Last month, I started a "Bootleg" review, where I would review bootleg DVDs, however, I have removed this section as other supporters of my site feared this could possibly get me in trouble (even though I'm not selling or giving them away, only reviewing, but I understand their concerns).  At this point in time, I have no plans on continuing that feature.

Shock Treatment Vs Rocky Horror

One of the first features promoted on this site (wow--1998) has an update thanks to a fan who wanted to add to it.

Update: September & October 2005

Lots of cool updates this time around...including TWO more celebrity interviews related to Shock Treatment!


During the first weekend in August, actor Cliff DeYoung agreed to a phone interview about the making of Shock Treatment.

INTERVIEW WITH SANDRA EXELBY (one of the real make-up artists on the ST set)

During the first weekend in August, make-up artist Sandra Exelby agreed to a phone interview about the making of Shock Treatment.


Sorry...didn't have time to do a new chapter this month....  Check back next update for at least 2 chapters added...


As an activist for NON-PROFITEERING - I have decided to offer images for T-Shirt transfers that you can save onto your harddrive and print off at home to make your own T-Shirts.


Also returning: Mr or Miss Mental Health.  This was a feature that we had a long time ago, which I had forgotten about.  I'd like to keep it going regularly again.  If you feel you deserve to be Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs Mental Health, give us an email and tell us why.  Who knows, you can be the next winner!


Please welcome our new members who are proud to be Regular Farley Fans!


Shock Treatment Network's crew member Amy Balot returns after a brief disappearance for the network.  She has some personality quizes for both Rocky and Shocky as well as costume guides.


Since I posted my stage adaptation for Shock Treatment as a stage musical, I've received a handful of emails from people wanting to do the play.  While I cannot give permission for this, I can give a few suggestions...


I have created a new Xanga BLOG for the website.  By joining, you can keep update on the any progress I'm having towards the upcoming updates for the website.

Update: July & August 2005

Lots of cool updates this time around...including another celebrity interview!


Wow, this is one fun guy.  Shock Treatment's Oscar Drill agreed to an exclusive interview with The Shock Treatment Network.  Click on the link to read a transcript of the interview and to see a rare photo of him.


That's right! On the first friday and Saturday night in August, Shock Treatment will play the big screen again in Chicago, Illinois.  Check out for more details.


This month I have not one, not two, but THREE chapters of the movie novel posted.  Check 'em out...


Previously we gave you an official promo video from 20th Century Fox.  Here it is again, in a slightly higher quality.


I've reposted Bill Brennen's photo archive to the Shock Treatment Network.  If any photo is of "you" then please email me and I will remove that specific image.  Each image is identified by a number.  Photos were previously available on the site, and now there are even more.  Bill: contact me to let me know your mailing address to return these to ya!  You're great for loaning them to me and I had forgotten they were here after the move into my home.  You're still one of the best friends and supporters I have.  :)


Also returning: Mr or Miss Mental Health.  This was a feature that we had a long time ago, which I had forgotten about.  I'd like to keep it going regularly again.  If you feel you deserve to be Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs Mental Health, give us an email and tell us why. Who knows, you can be the next winner!


Please welcome our new members who are proud to be Regular Farley Fans!


Bert Schnick took some pills that a drunken Nation McKinley offered, and now he has split personalities.  This doesn't help him as he attempts our "Advice Column"...

Update: June 27,  2005

On a very sad note, Imogen Claire (Shock Treatment's Wardrobe Mistress) has passed away recently.  This news has been provided and confirmed by Jim Hetzer (Cosmo) at Cosmo's Factory.  My tribute to her can be found HERE.

Update: June 12,  2005 (& June 19th)

Yes, this update is unusual, in the fact that updates are normally EVERY OTHER MONTH.  However, this one needed immediate attention to get it out to you all in a timely fashion.  I have some new details about the convention and other things.  See below...


Okay, this is the deal.  On the last update, I mentioned there was a little SECRET surprise regarding Shock Treatment at the convention, but I didn't want to tell you what it is without permission.  Well, I've been given permission: Those that attend can have a free DVD of Shock Treatment full of LOTS of extras.  It's a 2-Disc set, and it's yours for free by giving a cash DONATION.  To learn more, click on the link above.


I recently found out that a very small label has released Shock Treatment on DVD officially, as part of the label's "CULT CLASSIC SERIES".  Since this is NOT 20th Century Fox releasing it, we can assume that Fox sold the rights to it, or it was done without permission.  I am still trying to obtain one to VERIFY this information, so we'll leave this as a possibility instead of fact until then.  A future update can verify it to be true or apologize for any misleading of the fact.  The details I know are few: Full Screen, no trailer, Region 2 only (which is UK).  This could very well be true, as it was released at one point on KEY VIDEO instead of FOX.  For a look at the DVD, click HERE.  If anyone has any other details, let me know via email.

I have received an email that stated while it looks reals good, it is, in fact, a bootleg.  :(  Since there are legal issues regarding bootlegs, I'll keep the identity of the emailer anonymous, but here's the email.

I can definately confirm that the dvd release you mention on your website is not in any way an official release, but a very good looking video transfer to dvd bootleg version... I know, because I know the guy who's selling them, and who designed the cover... Hope this helps...


Well, the 25th Anniversary for Shock Treatment is next year, October 2006.  And I have knowledge of something special to mark the occasion, that many of you will be extremely happy with.  The Shock Treatment Network has been contacted by A CERTAIN SOMEONE to help out and be involved in something specific regarding the 25th Anniversary.  I've been sworn to secrecy, and I will honor it until HE gives me permission to reveal it.  I don't expect it to take long, so keep checkin' back.  Members will get an email announcement first, then the general public thereafter.

Update: May-June 2005

Hello again.  I'd like to give some very special THANK YOU's to some Shock Treatment fans who have helped with this month's update in one way or another.  First of all, thanks to Daniel McCoy for the special gift he sent me in the mail, and for providing me with some images I needed in the Shock Treatment movie novel recently.  Thank you Mad Man Mike for your compliments, kind email, and information on the CD (see below).  Thanks to Macklin Crux for emailing me the very super cool Shock Treatment Promo from Fox (see below).  And last, but not least, much appreciation to Steve VanMeter (RHPSVegas) for the special gift (and the update as well).  Anyhow, anyhow...Here's the new update....


This year, there's a convention held in Las Vegas and it will feature Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment.


This OFFICIAL promo clip --made by 20th Century Fox themselves-- was sent to me via email for download.  It's pretty cool to have.


Mad Man Mike generously provided us with some insight on a previous release of a bootleg CD.


This time I've made TWO more chapters in the movie novel. (Next month, I'm gonna try 3 chapters to speed things up a bit!)


Crew member Levin Handschuh has once again provided us with another Sheet Music (score) that he created when he made the midis.  He's already provided us with "Lullaby" and "Looking For Trade".  Now sit back and enjoy "Farley's Song" (also referred to as "Looking At An Ace")!  (And don't forget to email him and tell him you appreciate it!)


The Top 5 Shock Treatment collectors in the world has shifted thanks to a new submission.

Update: March-April 2005

Hello again, and it's nice to be back.  Here's what I have for an update....


Yes, I was able to grab some more images (this time, from the Japan laser disc -- since I can no longer grab from the video).  And I've made not one, but TWO new chapters in the movie novel, including "Looking At An Ace."


Some more members have joined.  Thanks for the compliments!  And please remember, there are no more free CDs as stated on the members page for quite some time now.  This is because of some copyright restrictions of some of the songs (because they are still in print).  So I have come up with a solution...which brings us to the next update...


Thanks to our crew member Levin Handschuh, we have another Sheet Music (score) that he created when he made the midis.  The last one was "Lullaby" and this time he offers you "Looking For Trade".  Enjoy!  (And don't forget to email him and tell him you appreciate it!)


Robert Hubbard emailed me this link, and I thought you might enjoy it too!


I've recieved some emails from fans wanting some Shock Treatment T-Shirts from Bev Garrish, which are promoted on my site, but the link to connect the fans to her seems to be broken.  If anyone knows how to connect with her, please email me at thanks!

Update: December 2004-January 2005

Hello everybody.  It has been a couple months since the last update.  For that, I apologize.  I had promised you all a new interview with an actor from Shock Treatment (see last update below) but it has not transpired yet.  The actor (I'll keep him or her a mystery for now) has been busy and after a few emails exchanged, we still have not penned a date and time for the interview.  For this reason, I stalled on giving you a new update, hoping that the interview would happen as quickly as possible.  (HOPEFULLY, it will appear in the next update... )  Of course, this is not the sole reason for lack of update.  I must also credit my own laziness.  Blame it on long work hours, or lack of motivation, or whatever.  I am only human.
          Anyhow, anyhow... I have a couple exciting Shock Treatment things to share for now.  Check 'em out...


Yes, it's true! A magazine, called Cashiers Du Cinemart, is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  In the current issue (#14, released November 19, 2004) they talk about CULT movies (midnight movies), and yes, there's even a 3 full-page article on Shock Treatment, with a LOT of cool information.  Of course, Rocky Horror is occasionally mentioned in it as well.  At this point in time, I will NOT provide a transcript of the article, because the magazine is still in print and I would like to encourage ALL of you Shock Tratment fans to BUY IT.  The magazine overall is pretty cool.  To buy it, just click on the link above.


Well, actually, it's not a CD, but it is a tribute to Shock Treatment's soundtrack.  A band called "Marc With A C" has several CDs released and they recently recorded 9 Shock Treatment songs as DEMOS only.  They are available for download on the website (click the link above) but the availability to download is a LIMITED TIME ONLY.  I have heard them and I can say you will be VERY impressed.  My favorites (in order) are "Duel Duet", "Breaking Out" and "In My Own Way."

Update: September-October 2004

Hello everybody.  It's our anniversary month.  Another year gone by.  Where did the time go?  Well, it certainly has been an eventful and busy year for me.  And this past month has been no exception.  Thanks again to Kenny Seitter for coming over to my house and helping with an update or two for this month.  He suggested we have a link page dedicated to official sites of the stars.  Since there was not enough "official sites" of the stars, I decided to have a second LINKS page that included the official sites and fan sites devoted to the stars of Shock Treatment.  Timing seemed fateful as I recieved an email from a fan wanting me to add their website which is devoted to Sinitta Renet (Frankie).  Then I found myself trying to figure out what to do for a new 30-second quiz since --under Kenny's suggestion-- it should be hosted by someone from the Adult Swim television line up.  After that was finished, I was excited to be woken up one morning by a phone call from a certain actor in the movie Shock Treatment (Yes, the call came all the way from the UK) who was agreeing to an interview.  LOOK FOR THAT EXCITING INTERVIEW IN THE NEXT UPDATE.  So, folks... On with this month's update!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY ("NEELY") BRANTLEY! (September 20)  She turns 49 years!

LINKS 2 (The SEQUEL links page!)
30-Second Quiz
NEW Midi !!! (Bitchin' In The Kitchen)
Special surprise new feature: Piano SCORE!!!
FULL Download (not sample) of song "Overture 2000"
Members Page
Update on Barry Humphrie's DAME EDNA return!

NEXT UPDATE: Special Interview of a Shock Treatment actor...!  Wonder who it is.... hmmmm.... You'll have to turn in next update to find out!  (I'll try for the first week in October)   Oh...BTW...I still have no video / image capturing device on my computer (at least one that is working) so I'll have to put off the movie novel indefinately.  (this makes me sad...)

Update: July-August 2004

Hello everybody.  It's good to be back!  EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO KENNY SEITTER FOR HIS HELP WITH THIS UPDATE.  Especially the links page, the 30-second quiz and the AP script URLs fixed.  Before Kenny came along, I was beginning to feel like an emotional cripple! LOLOLOLOLOL!  Oh, and I was also able to FINALLY complete the Shock Treatment Stageshow adaptation!  And I got my first award!  Yay! the way...I am having problems with my image grabber.  Ever since I got the new computer, I can't seem to get my TV tuner to work on my computer.  Therefore, there is NO update on the movie novel.  I hope to have a friend in the city that knows computers come over soon and get it going.  Okay, now here's what is updated.

Audience Participation Script
30-Second Quiz
Members Page
Stage Adaptation
Petition for RHPS/ST on DVD
Costume Update (Thanks Ruth)
Collector's Page

Update: May-June 2004

Hello everybody.  I've been away for several months.  My "disappearance" from the Shock Treatment / Rocky Horror community is due to a variety of reasons, i.e. poor health, near death in family, overtime at work, and traveling.  It is regretful that I haven't had time to work on this site, even when, at times, I had planned on doing an update here or there.  In fact, I haven't been able to check my email often.  (Ruth--I did reply to you a couple times regarding something you wanted me to do, but you never replied back.  Perhaps you didn't recieve my emails?)

Before I talk about the new update, allow me to address an issue that has been brought to my attention: Free CD for joining the website.  This offer is NO longer available due to legal issues with giving away CDs with copyrighted material.  I had posted that it was discontinued prior to the site's "new" look, but for some reason, this information has not shown up on the new site format.  So there have been some people who have emailed to "join".  I am sorry you have been mislead.  However, I did send out an email trying to work out the legal rights to at least some of the tracks, so hopefully one day this will be resolved.  If and when this happens, I will let people know.

Regarding the update: there is NO update yet.  However, I have requested a week and a half off (vacation from work) so that I can focus specifically on this website.  This time off is the first couple weeks in July.  I should be able to focus on new members update, costume update, the movie novel and more.  Until then, cheers.  Donny.

As stated in November's update, I've been busy and can no longer update the site monthly.  (At least for the time being, that is).  So it appears that the update will be every other month.  I wish to thank Mark Alexander, who has sumbitted some things for this update (his contributes are listed here in ALL CAPS).  It made it a lot easier for me.  If anyone wants to help with contributions, feel free to join our crew.  For example, would YOU like to do a monthly trivia page? Or the 30-second quiz page?  If there's ANY section you want to contribute or take over for (and receive credit, of course), let me know by email.  In the meantime, here's JANUARY's update.  Oh...and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Update: January-February 2004

Transcript: Rocky Horror Treatment
Shock Treatment Stage Show Script (continued)
More Audio Clips

*NOTE:  Last month, I had a special prayer request for a great person in the Rocky Horror community.  He was having serious health problems.  Unfortunately, Tony Young passed away.  He is at peace now.  He will always be remembered.

Well well.  I missed an entire month.  So much for a good start on a new anniversary huh (lol) ?  The reason is not because I've lost interest in Shock Treatment or the web site.  It's because I've found over the past several months that I have a lot of things on my plate, and quite honestly, other things took (take) precedent.  So I'm looking for some help.  I'd love to have some volunteers to join my staff and take over specific sections of the site.  For example, would YOU like to do a monthly trivia page?  Would you like to do the 30-second quiz page?  If there's ANY section you'd like to take over monthly (and receive credit for), let me know.  In the's the update...

Update: November-December 2003

Transcript: Rocky Horror Treatment
Special prayers to a special friend...
More Audio Clips

Woohoo!  It's our anniversary!  We've gave ourself a whole new look on our menu page.  I hope you liked it.  (NOTE:  The menu page ONLY works on Internet Explorer or Opera, so if you use Netscape, you're missing out on the fun on the page's layout.)  If you prefer the old layout for the menu page (a column of links), it's also incorporated - just look to the right on the menu page.  This is going to be fun.  Enough jabbering from me...let's get shocked!

Update: September-October 2003

Shock Treatment Convention
Transcript: Rocky Horror Treatment
Shock Treatment Stage Adaptation
Shock Treatment AP Challenge
FREE Little Nell Compact Disc (sorta)
Allen Smithee's Shock Treatment

Hey Shock Treatment fans! If you Feel like YOU deserve to be a future Miss (or Mister) Mental Health, email us and tell us why!  Who knows? You could be the next M-M-H!

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