Excerpts from the book "Rocky Horror: From Concept To Cult"

by Scott Michaels & David Evans

(The image above, on the left is the cover of the book.  The image on the right was found on the internet, but I could find no verification that it was a real cover art for the book.  To my knowledge, the left image is the only cover art released for this fascinating book)

This book is VERY recommended for Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment lovers alike!  Full of insightful information that will leave you unable to put the book down until you've reached the end.  Below, I've put together some excerpts to help promote this book.  The excepts I'm providing relate only to Shock Treatment (due to the nature of this site).  However, the bulk of it relates to the stage and film versions of Rocky Horror.  If you would like to purchase it, find it at your local bookstore, or visit amazon.com and get it there.  I was informed by a friend that it helps the writers if you purchase it directly through them by visiting their website at findadeath.com.  However, when I visited the site, they directed me back to amazon.com.  Please, get this book! You won't be disappointed.


From Brian Thomson:
"By the time we got to do Shock Treatment, you notice I got my designing credit and also one that said, 'Additional ideas by Brian Thomson.'  We scouted locations for Denton in the USA.  Wichita, Kansas, came nearest.  I remember being at a Holiday Inn in Wichita and there was a Shriners' convention going on there, everyone wearing fezzes.  ...And then John Goldstone said we should go on to Dallas, and so off we went."
From Sue Blane:
"I did Shock Treatment, of course.  Imogen Claire's costume was very special to me as the costumier."
From Michael White:
"We did another film called Shock Treatment, which would be fantastic if there were no dialogue and no story.  If you just took the songs, which were great... I did it the other day, after 15 years.  I ran the film without anything by the songs."
From Raynor Bourton:
"I did work with Jim [Sharman] again in Shock Treatment.  Jim had the idea that the audience should be made up of anyone having to do with Rocky Horror over the years.  I played a singing G.I.  I'm the middle one.  Annabel and Gaye were right behind me.  After that, Jim didn't do much over here.  When I saw Jim on Shock Treatment, Jim did fancy me.  If he didn't, I probably wouldn't have got the part."  [Raynor Bourton played Rocky Horror in the original stage production; Annabel and Gaye each played Transylvanians in the film version.]

"I met Sal Piro on the set of Shock Treatment."

From Terry Ackland Snow:
"I was not asked to work on Shock Treatment and, yes, I think I would have liked to.  I get quite upset when films are made and I'm not asked to be on them." [Terry was the art director on The Rocky Horror Picture Show]
From Peter Hinwood: (when the interviewer said, "I can't believe you were't asked to be involved in Shock Treatment.")
"Well, I wasn't.  Hearing about Rocky again is slightly embarrassing, but I'm used to it."
From Yasmin Pettigrew:
"Yes, I was in Shock Treatment.  I had a huge bouffant, in the audience with Gaye and Annabel.  Gaye was pregnant with her son Charlie when we were filming.  We did it at Lee, a tiny studio in Wembley.  I was one of the first to hear 'Little Black Dress' on guitar.  Richard sang it to me years before it was in Shock Treatment."  [Yasmin Pettigrew was a Transylvanian in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as were Gaye and Annabel.]
From Perry Bedden:
"I really got off on that convention. I did an interview about the meaning of Shock Treatment and I got completely lost on that one."  [Perry Bedden played a Transylvanian in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as Neely's cameraman in Shock Treatment.]
From Perry Robb-King:
"I spoke to John Comfort about Shock Treatment while he was in pre-production for it.  He had gotten a different crew.  I'm not going to say it was a bad film, but you cannot recreate that original idea.  It's a totally different film.  In some ways, it is nice to do a sequel, especially if you've done the original, because you have a particular interest in continuing the story."  [Perry Robb-King worked on make-up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.]
From Gaye Brown:
[Gay Brown was a Transylvanian in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.]
"Imogen Claire still looks remarkable.  She stayed punk.  She was punk before [Rocky Horror], and she is still punk.  Imogen would be good [to interview] because she also worked on Shock Treatment."

"[Annabel Leventon and I] were both in Shock Treatment.  We were housewives in the studio audience, when Barry Humphries was on.  We sang the Denton song, with Judith someone, an American woman.  We had a few lines and we sang.  We had Steve Debrow and Robert Longden who were behind us.  He was playing Chris Biggins' part, because Chris was supposed to do Shock Treatment and didn't.  Off the wall, onstage.  He's very eccentric.  Anyway, Shock Treatment just bombed."

From Patricia Quinn:
"Brian Thompson was the set designer [on Rocky Horror] and he was a genius.  ...He has that famous painting on the wall of that woman pinching her nipple.  Or maybe that's in Shock Treatment.
From Lindsay Ingram:
"I was in the audience in Shock Treatment.  Annabel and Gaye were immediately behind me.  I had very short hair.  We were there for a week's filming.  I remember being on the way to the filming, hearing that John Lennon had been shot dead.  It was really early on in the morning and I was in Holland Park, passing the tube station.  I think it was 9 December.  I never even saw the film."  [Lindsay Ingram was a Transylvanian in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.]
From Stephen Calcutt:
"I was approached to be in Shock Treatment, but my agent never even told me about it.  She turned the job down, because evidently they only wanted to book us as extras and she had a part for me on the BBC for a Charles Dickens serial.  She knew it was much more money on that and I would get overseas repeats.  She never even bothered to tell me about it.  I only found out much later.  I was absolutely furious and she could not understand that it was something I would have done for nothing just to be in it and to meet all of the people again.  It didn't have the original Brad and Janet though."  [Stephen Calcutt was a Transylvanian in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.]
From Pam Obermeyer:
"I was not asked to be in Shock Treatment.  I'm strictly a Transylvanian."  [Pam Obermeyer was a Transylvanian in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.]
From Imogen Claire:
[Imogen Claire was a Transylvanian in the RHPS, and was the wardrobe mistress in Shock Treatment.]

"Debbie McWilliam was casting Shock Treatment and she rang me up and said Jim wanted me for a 'whatever happened to Rocky?' film.  I said I couldn't possibly work.  She said, 'Oh, I'm sorry,' and then Jim came on the phone.  Listen, it's a personality part, five days over three weeks.  That's all you have to do.  Please come.'  So I went to the studios and had my fitting.  Sue Blane and I shrieked.  I got my costume together with Sue, because the budget was tight.  Jim came to me and said, 'Oh, I assume you are doing it, then.  Thank God for that'.  I did my five days, the first week of the shoot.  I was there on the daily rate.  Debbie came to me at the end of the week and said, 'Imogen, this is the moment when you say to me, "Please, Debbie, will you double my money?"' I just said she was being silly, but she did it for me!  So, for the next two weeks, I got paid on the daily rate, double what the original deal was.  I made a lot of money."

"I remember Michael White's girlfriend at the time, Lindall Hobbs, making the video of the making of Shock Treatment.  She was there with cameras up our bums the entire time.  I remember one day, [Perry], me and Rufus sitting there, and there was Lindall, filming.  They were lining up a shot [for] some television documentary, so we had three cameras on us for three different purposes."

"For the likes of us, the Transylvanians, we did the film adn we did Shock Treatment and it doesn't affect our lives hardly at all.  I think the leads -- Pat, Richard, Nell and Tim -- it completely changed their lives."

The writer states that RHPS Transylvanian Peggy Ledger, who passed away 4 July 1981, was not asked to appear in Shock Treatment.

When the production of Shock Treatment was being filmed, Sal Piro was flown over to appear in the movie, as well as act as Lou Adler's unofficial ambassador.  Sal feels that Jim Sharman didn't want to use the film as a tool to further promote The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Sal's was not an entirely happy experience on Shock Treatment, and in the event Sal's appearance was just in the background.  Even though Sal had acting credentials, apparently Jim insisted on Equity-only significan casting.