Let me tell you what really URKS me: when I go to eBay, looking for Shock Treatment items to buy for my collection, and suddenly there it is: Somebody is selling a COPY of hard to find items for a profit (anything over the cost of material is profit).  I can't stand it!  There it is - that press kit I'd been seaching for, 40 pages long, and the seller says it's a "Copy" - and guess what...his starting bid is, let's say, 9 bucks.  Then, when it's finally over, it has 6 bids and it's moved up to 31 bucks!  FOR A COPY!  Needless to say, this kind of thing pisses me off!!!  I can go to a convenient store and using their copy machine (10 cents a copy), 40 pages would cost me only 4 bucks, and here this guy ends up selling it for 31 bucks!  Sheer profit on something that doesn't rightfully belong to him to make money off of.  Then to top it off, he waits a while and sells it all over again later on.  And so on...

Therefore, I decided to put a STOP to it.  The few items I didn't have, I bought from these types of sellers, paying much more than necessary.  So now I have them to TRANSCRIBE on my site, so everyone can read them for FREE.  (Transcribing takes a bit of time, so please be patient if you're waiting for anything in particular).   However, if you still want them, copies, this is, I will gladly copy them for NO profit, only the cost of printing (I get paper free from a source).  And I will also do color copies for the same price of color printing...again, no profit like those assholes who sell copies on the internet for profit.  It's unfair to us collectors.

I'll even sell video tapes of rare stuff for NO PROFIT, just 2 dollars, the cost of the tape.
I'll even sell CDR copies of rare audio for NO PROFIT, just 2 dollars, the cost of the disc.

I will not, however, sell copies of anything that is still in print, such as the film, the soundtrack, etc...

All items sold here on a collecter to collecter basis.  NO PROFIT is made.  Buyers are encouraged to continue to search for, find, and buy the original out of print items.

HERE'S A LIST OF THE THINGS SO FAR... (Others may be added in the future, as I get them).

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