Oscar Drill

Oscar Drill


Oscar Drill is the lead singer of his band, Oscar Drill and the Bits.  He sings.  He plays guitar.  He deals drugs.  Favorite word: "yeah."    (Source: Shock Treatment)


Oscar Drill and his bandmates moved into a trailer home.  After a couple weeks, he and his sister, Brenda moved out, venturing to New York city in efforts to make it big.  After several years, they failed as recording artists in New York, but throughout the struggle they became closer and closer.  They ended up lovers.  While she took up dancing as a ballerina, Oscar got a job doing pimple remover commercials.  Newly-made friends in New York report that more recently, they both acted "different" - seemingly odd, as though they were different people altogether.  One person even suggested they were brainwashed by the bald doctor that paid them a visit not too long before.  Who knows...
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