"Obtaining The Rights To Perform It"

Since I adapted the movie Shock Treatment into a musical stageshow (click HERE to read it), I've received some emails from people wanting to present it / perform it.  I'm not sure if they think that it's official (which it is not) or that they believe I have the right to bless them with permission (which I do not).  So, to prevent having to repeat myself on future emails, I will offer this guideline of answers to the inevitable questions:
1.    I cannot give you permission.  I may have wrote it (adapted it) but it is based on copywritten material whose original works belong legally to someone else.  My adaptation is strictly fan made and is stated clearly.

2.    You can try to reach Richard O'Brien for permission although he's not too fond of the film, so he may not be willing to grant it.  There is some speculation that even he doesn't have the rights to give you permission.  I do not know for sure.

3.    Who else may own the rights?  Perhaps 20th Century Fox?  Perhaps Lou Adler?  Michael White?  I do not know.

4.    I do not have the sheet music for your production to use.

5.    You may end up trying to do it without permission (which is not something I endorse or encourage).  If you do, feel free to let me know if you end up doing it on stage, as I am not in any kind of authority to shut it down, and I have a curiousity of how it looks.  I would never report you, but at the same time, for legal reasons, let me re-instate: I do not endorse or encourage it.  (I just wanna see it...hopefully legally)

6.    If you do put on the play (legal or not), please put on the program: "Based on the musical film by Richard O'Brien and Jim Sharman."  If the rights have been given legally to you, you must add "Stage Adaptation by Donny O'Bryan".  If you do not have the rights, do not add my name to it.  However, in either case, legal or not, I appreciate a nice little plug to my website.

7.    If you DO obtain legal rights to do this play, please email me at to let me know how you did it, as others will probably want to follow suit.


8.  To all the emails complimenting the adaptation, I would like to say THANK YOU!