This page is important to me.

Someone whom I find to be a great acquaintance in my life is having a real difficult time.

In a recent email he sent to me and others, he opened up to share some personal details about his health.  He is asking for prayers, and I think we should do exactly that.

Below is the email he sent out.  I'm sure he won't mind me posting it here.

I first encountered him in the mid '90s, if my memory serves me correct, through a Rocky trade.  I remember finding him fascinating and very enthusiastic.  He had a strong passion for Rocky Horror.  While I have not been involved in the "big picture" of the Rocky Community, I can honestly say he was the first one I felt a connection to.

I finally had the chance to meet him this year at the Wichita convention.  It was truly nice to have a face to match the name.  I know we will continue emailing for a long time to come.

To Tony.  Our prayers are for you.  Here's his email.

Just wanted to drop everyone a quick update on how things are  going for me these days.  As most of you know I have been having alot of trouble with my heart lately.  In October, Patty and I went to Rochester, MN to the Mayo Clinic.  We spent about 2 weeks there.  Most of that time I was in the hospital because my kidneys were not working correctly either.  We got that corrected, and then I was evaluated for a heart (and possible) kidney transplant.  I was turned down for a transplant due to the fact that the anatomy of my heart is in such a mess (I was born with a congenital heart defect), that I would probably not make it through the surgery.  So as it stands, we are going to try to make things as good as possible with the heart I have using different medications.  Don't give up on me yet, I'm certainly not going to.  I still have alot of things to do in my life.  I was never supposed to make it past age 6 and now I'm 36 so I'm use to beating the odds.  I didn't write this to get pity, I would never want that.  I just wanted to update everyone and say as you say your prayers tonight, I wouldn't mind you putting in a good word for me with the big guy.