"(We shot the film) in Lee Studios in Wembley.  It took about 6 1/2 weeks.  It was a fast shoot because Christmas was coming up.  By doing it entirely there we chopped a million dollars of our budget and it allowed us to shoot in December.  our original version would have been a bit didgy to do at the same time of year because we had some exterior shots of a leisure centre -- the leisure centre was the main setting in the original (draft) as opposed to the tv station -- and we were going to use a place down in Swindon for that which had a domed roof and a swimming pool, but it would have been pretty difficult matching up exterior shots from Dallas (Texas, USA) with ones of Swindon in December.  Very difficult, in fact."

--Richard O'Brien, as quoted in Starburst magazine, on the subject of why the film ended up being shot entirely inside a television studio.