Ralph Hapschatt

FACTUAL INFORMATION (and the source)

Ralph Hapschatt married Betty Monroe in 1974 and they were almost inseparable since they met in Dr. Scott's refresher course (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  They divorced sometime between 1975 and 1981 where they were vicious and stereotypically treating each other like unwanted ex-spouses (Shock Treatment).  Since the divorce (and the reason for the divorce as well, as evidenced by Betty saying "God, I must have been blind.") he has been romantically linked to the vivacious Macy Struthers (Shock Treatment).  He pays Betty alimony on a regular basis (Shock Treatment).  Was up for a promotion (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and most likely received that promotion (Shock Treatment) as an anchorman.


Ralph Hapschatt ended up dating various women over the years, all of whom he cheated on with other women.  He had little regard for their feelings.  After many lies and cover-ups, he started to laugh at them when they cried their tears.  In late 1998, Ralph Hapschatt was found murdered in his Denton apartment, the smell of perfume on his body.  There had been a struggle, and he was trying to get to his bottom dresser drawer where his handgun was well hidden underneith a stack of adult girlie magazines.  On an interesting note, his last phone call was made the day before: to a donut shop in New York City, miles away.  His murder remains unsolved.
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