is absorbed with the idea of his new baby.  They arrive at the hospital, where Janet has given birth to a boy.  Frank immediately claims control of the baby, to Janet's and Dad's ire.  Frank instructs his child about his philosophy of life and tells the gathered people about the party that night; a prize will go to the one with the best costume.
    Frank and his cronies travel the town, sprinkling everyone with fairy dust that transforms those who are touched by it into transsexuals.  A jukebox reminds Frank of Eddie, his old, deceased nemesis, and Frank vilifies Eddie in virulent terms.  Suddenly Frank collapses.  Brad's and Scott's blood wasn't sufficient; he needs eleven pints of the blood of young male virgins and sends Brad to get the sacred fluid.  Brad locates some boys who are thrilled to aid an alien celebrity--but one of the boys isn't really a virgin, though he doesn't confess this.
    Mom, Dad, a policeman, and a hospital nurse are converts to Transylvanian lifestyles, all wearing high heels and acting lewdly.  At Frank's party, the townpeople act bizarrely, each hoping to win the prize for best costume.  Meanwhile, two ghostly figures steal Janet's baby, tell Janet the baby is dead, and wheel Janet out of the hospital.  The party is livened by Brad's wild dancing and Frank's singing.  Then Janet arrives at the party and prefaces telling Frank the news about her baby by saying she loves him.  But Frank scorns romance.  Janet says the baby is dead; Frank is outraged and unmasks the two ghostly figures--they are RIFF-RAFF and MAGENTA, the pair who destroyed him in his previous life.
    Suddenly Frank starts to decompose, realizing one of the boys wasn't a virgin.  As Frank chases the unchaste lad, Frank's spell evaporates, and the townspeople, now outraged, attack Frank; Riff-Raff kills him.  The crowd then overwhelms Brad, Scott, and Rocky, the Transylvanians barely escaping.  Riff-Raff and Magenta drive off with Janet and her baby; from the baby's rock 'n roll gurgling, it is clearly Frank's.