Rest Home Ricky


Ricky works at the Rest Home in Denton.  He dates Ansalong.  He enjoys dancing and photography.  Part of the team that helped their boss, Farley, brainwash an entire studio audience.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


After brainwashing an entire studio audience, Ricky and the group fled Denton and traveled the country.  Shortly into the journey, Ricky and ansalong left the group and moved to Las Vegas where they got married.  During the next two years, Ricky tried to become a professional dancer (He said once, "With legs like mine, I'm really made for dancing.")  When he couldn't succeed as a dancer, he turned to alcohol.  He often came home with the smell of beer on his breath and perfume on his shirt.  Several times he accussed Ansalong of cheating on him.  He often beat her.  A year or two after marrying, they separated.  When Ansalong left him, he watched her drive away and never saw her again.  He bought himself a 35mm camera and took pictures of everything around him.  A New York woman saw his photos and set up a display in a New York museum.  He became famous (they even made a movie about him, starring a much younger actor).  He remarried and is very comfortable.  He is no longer an alcoholic...or so he says.
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