TOM SCHAEFER ("Riffffffff")

(Millwaukee - USA)

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1.  Gender: Male
2.  Age:
3.  Country, City, State: Millwaukee (USA)
4.  Are you more of a Rocky Collector including Shock Treatment, or more of a Shock Treatment Collector?
5.  What Shock Treatment items are you most proud of owning?
6.  What Shock Treatment items do you have duplicates of?
7.  What Shock Treatment items are you missing that you desperately are trying to get a hold of?
8.  How long have you been collecting Shock Treatment items?
9.  What are your other hobbies or interests?
10.  Tell us a little about yourself.  I was part of "The Celluloid Jam" cast in Milwaukee for 6 years as riff and frank.  I am pictured in the first "Creatures of the night book" as well as a former editor/creator of a RH fanzine calle "The Master's Affair".  I won best space Riff  in the costume contest in LA in 1990 for the 15th Anniv.
11.  What links Shock or Rocky related do you like most?
12.  Do you have a website of your own? If so, what is the URL address (link)?  I have started my RH CD site. It is still in the works, but will grow. I have pics of tons of RH CDs, Front and back covers as well as info about them. Take a look.
13.  Who's your favorite Shock Treatment character?
14.  What's your favorite Shock Treatment song?
15.  Which movie do you like better, Shock Treatment or Rocky Horror?

COLLECTION INFORMATION (Things this person has in their collection)

1.  7" single
2.  12" LP album
3.  Promotional copy of the album
4.  Soundtrack, CD
5.  VHS Fox video
6.  Beta Key video
7.  Japanese Laser Disc
8.  Cosmo mask
9.  Lobby Card set
10.-13.  All 4 theatrical posters


13 items (as of 10-30-1999), value unknown