When the site relaunched last month, one particular fan - or should I say FANS - stood out.  The band SOWNDTRAAK posted videos on our facebook page of cover songs from Shock Treatment (In My Own Way and Breaking Out).  If you haven't seen the videos you should definitely do so.  Our facebook page is titled "The Shock Treatment Network" (don't forget the word "the").

The only other artist / fan I've ever encountered that covered Shock Treatment songs was Marc With A C - you can find him elsewhere on the site, or look him up on facebook.

I contacted SOWNDTRAAK - or more specifically, one of its members Pat S.P. Fitzgerald - and he provided me with some very interesting information.  I hope you enjoy the interview.

STN:  Thanks for the cool videos.  Tell us a little bit about your band...
PAT:  Originally, the idea of SOWNDTRAAK was a joke. "Hey, let's be this German electronica band and only do movie songs and call ourselves soundtrack but spell it SOWNDTRAAK!". I've been wanting to do it for about three years. But it was 2011 when SOWNDTRAAK came to fruition. True, we are a band. We have been masquerading as Captain Plaid (me) and the Video Terrorists for about 15 years, off and on, performing song parodies and the like (my creation of the Captain Plaid persona has been around since the early 80s!). However, for my 45th birthday I was planning on shooting a Captain Plaid movie, but before we started thinking about that, various members of the band were coming up with song ideas for SOWNDTRAAK. We all came up with costumes and fake German names and some really strange song choices! However, it was also during this time that my wife and I (Astrid and Fritz of SOWNDTRAAK) became the directors of and occasional performers in The Unconventional Conventionalists Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast of Long Island. . I've always loved the music from it. We covered "I'm Going Home" from Rocky as well as "In My Own Way" from Shock Treatment on the first album. This is pretty cool to be interviewed.  Ask whatever questions you'd like and I will ansnwer them. Again, thanks for all the recognition!
STN:  How many people make up the band?
PAT:  SOWNDTRAAK consists of Fritz (me) on keyboards and vocals, Astrid does percussion and vocals, Heimlich does percussion and vocals, as well as background vocals.  Victor does percussion and vocals as well, and Dieter plays keyboard, percussion and vocals.  Astrid and I perform most of the lead vocals, but on each album, each member has at least one song where he or she is the lead vocalist.  Usually it's a song of his/her own choosing.
STN:  Have you recorded any audio or video for any other Shock Treatment song?  I can see you all doing a great version of Me of Me (grin)
PAT:  We were thinking about covering Farley's Song and Anyhow Anyhow. However, we like all the songs, and would be willing to try any of them! Shock Treatment's basic concept of the evils of reality television appeals to us.
STN:  Is there a site where people can go and order your albums or individual songs?
PAT:  Our songs are not readily available as of yet, however, are videos are on facebook as well as youtube at:
STN:  Has the band ever performed at a convention or before a showing of Rocky or Shock?
PAT:  No, we have not been asked to open for a show/shadowcast. However, we have recorded the cover song and video for Science Fiction Double Feature, dedicated to Long Island's Unconventional Conventionalists Rocky Horror Shadowcast.
STN:  Science Fiction Double Feature - awesome!  And another Rocky Horror song you mentioned was....(thinking)
PAT:  We covered I'm Going Home.  Even made a video for it.  The lead vocal is a rare one by Dieter - his choice of song as well.  Very tongue-in-cheek.
STN:  You said that you covered songs from movies.  What other songs / films did you do?
PAT:  We've covered many songs from movies including Old Souls (from Phantom Of The Paradise), Quiero La Noche (from Bananas), TerrorVision (from TerrorVision), One Way Love (from Better Off Dead) and Green Slime (from Green Slime). These are just a few. All can be seen on facebook.
STN:  Have you ever met any star of Rocky Horror or Shock Treatment?
PAT:  Alas, Astrid and I have not met anyone from those films, though we were fortunate enough to see the Broadway revival of the Rocky Horror Show with Joan Jett and Dick Cavett! We also saw a shadowcast of the song Shock Treatment at a recent showing in NYC with Mad Man Mike and Bill Brennan. Great guys!
STN:  I definitely agree with you there!  Okay, this next question might be difficult.  Which SOWNDTRAAK member loves Shock Treatment more than any of the other band members?
PAT:  Heimlich is not much on show tunes, but if I was to say honestly who favors Shock Treatment most, that would be me! I saw Shock Treatment before I saw Rocky Horror, and I could watch it over and over again. Brilliant film. Astrid may like it as much as I do, and so does Viktor, but I introduced them both to it!
STN:  That's very rare for someone to see Shock Treatment before seeing Rocky Horror.  How did that happen?
PAT:  Back in 1984, I had first heard about the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  However, I was working a 12 to 8 night shift on Saturday nights, so I could never go see it.  However, since this was just about when video stores started popping up, I found the VHS of Shock Treatment - noticed it said "From the makers of RHPS" - so I rented it.  I loved it.  Eventually, a few months later, I got to see RHPS in the theater.  But to this day, I still love Shock Treatment!
STN:  As you should! (laughs)  One final question.  Any chance SOWNDTRAAK might do a full tribute album to one movie - like ...hmm.  I don't know... Shock Treatment?  (laughs) I'd even like a RHPS tribute album.
PAT:  You never know...
STN:  You can't blame me for trying.  Thanks again for the interview.
PAT:  Your welcome.