Chapter Ten: 1992

    Oscar Drill and his sister Brenda have not been themselves lately.  Those close to the two have noticed a big change over the past few years.  Neely was about to find out why.
    "They've been seeing this therapist - a doctor of sometype - and over the years, they've - I don't know - just changed.  They're not the same two lovable people who came to New York years ago."
    This is what someone close to Oscar and Brenda told Neely yesterday.
    Today, Neely was determined to find out more.
    She found out that they had a regular appointment with this so called "doctor" at the same time, same place, every week.  She also discovered, interesting enough, that there was no doctor "office."  This therapist made weekly house calls to Oscar's apartment.
    So Neely knew what she had to do: she snuck into Oscar's apartment, and waited inside a small closet for the meeting to take place.
    And that's where Neely found herself at this very moment.  Suddenly, the door opened up, and in walked Oscar and Brenda, as far as Neely could tell from the slim crack in the doorway.
    Following Oscar and Brenda were the doctor and his female assistant.
    Oh my God, Neely thought to herself, It's Cosmo McKinley and Nation McKinley!
    Yes, indeed, it was the famous duo from Denton, posing as doctors once again.  Trouble was, Oscar and Brenda seemed not to recognize them.
    In fact, they didn't seem to be alarmed at all!
    From Neely's hiding place, Neely watched as Cosmo poured some pills into a blender, along with some liquid from the fridge (juice?) and blended them together.  Nation poured them into two glasses and handed them to Oscar and Brenda, who drank them up quickly.
    "This mix is delicious," Oscar said to Cosmo.
    "My own secret recipe," Nation announced with a bright and cheerful laughter.
    Cosmo announced to the siblings, "This will be our last appointment.  You no longer need our help."
    Brenda, whose eyes seemed heavy with sleep suddenly, said, "But the therapy appointments... I thought you said we needed them every week?"
    Oscar added, "Yeah, come on! One last hypnosis!"  Oscar was smiling and anticipating the chance for another hypnosis.
    Neely couldn't believe what she was seeing.  And hearing.
    "Okay," Cosmo said to the siblings, "One final time."
    Cosmo talked to them softly as their eyelids closed, and they fell into a deep sleep.  He was talking to them, attempting to hypnotise them.
    When they were fully under, he asked them, "Can you hear me?"
    They both nodded.
    He continued, "What is rule number one?"
    Simultaniously, they answered "Whatever you ask us to do, we must obey."
    Nation said to them, "And rule number two is?..."
    Again, they spoke at the same time, "If we see Janet Majors, we are to notify you at once, without her knowing."
    This is unbelievable! Neely thought, I've got to tell Janet!
    "Now," Cosmo said to them, "We're going to leave the apartment.  While we are gone, you will sleep deeply on your own.  And when you wake up, you will not remember anything of this meeting, but the rules will be hidden in your internal subconscious.  Is this understood?"
    Oscar and Brenda nodded.
    Cosmo and Nation smiled at each other and laughed.  Minutes later they were out the front door, shutting it behind them.
    Nation stepped out of the closet quietly and approached the sleeping Oscar and Brenda.  She debated waking them up, but decided it best not to.  A couple minutes later, she left the apartment.

    That's what the sign said on the outside of the building.  But Ansalong was no where to be seen.
    Janet had made contact with Ansalong over the phone.  After some polite conversation, Janet asked if there were some place they could meet.  Ansalong informed Janet that she could meet her at "Nells" nightclub, there in New York City.
    Janet stood at the doorway, and her eyes searched the street in front of Nells for Ansalong.  A minute or so later, Ansalong pulled up in a cab, and stepped out.  She smiled and greeted Janet.
    "Oh Janet, look at the place!  And it's all mine!"
    Janet stared at the sign that read NELLS.
    Ansalong explained, "Someone paid for me to come to New York City.  They have made me very comfortable here, even gave me enough money to start my own business: Nells!"
    "A nightclub?"
    Ansalong said, "More like a restaraunt.  Many of the rich and famous eat here!"
    Another person conveniently placed in New York City, Janet realized, What is going on?
    Janet decided to cut to the chase, "I need your help, Ansalong.  It deals with Farley."
    Suddenly Ansalong became nervous, "Farley Flavors is a dangerous man, Janet.  You of all people should know that."
    Over the next few minutes, Janet explained what she learned about Farley, leaving out her paranoia about Denton people suddenly living in New York City.
    "I need you to pose as a prostitute, Ansalong.  You can seduce him, and drug him.  That way we can get answers out of him.  I would do it but he'd recognize me."
    Nervously, she said, "He might recognize me, too."
    Janet said, "Well, you could cut your hair, or wear it up."
    Janet reached out and behind Ansalong's head, grabbing her long hair into her fists and then holding it up in a bun behind her head.
    Suddenly, Janet's smile dropped.  With Ansalong's long hair no longer visable, she looked exactly like COLUMBIA from Transexual.
    "What's the matter?" Ansalong asked.
    "Uh," Janet said, trying to shake the creepy feeling away, "You look like..."
    Janet stared at her for a few seconds before Ansalong stepped back, forcing Janet to let go of her hair.  Her long hair feel back down to her shoulders and back.
    Janet snapped out of it, and said "I'm sorry, you just reminded me of someone I used to know."
    Ansalong responded, "Listen Janet, I'd love to help but there's no way I can do what you ask me to."
    "I understand," Janet said.
    "Janet, would you like to come inside the club?"
    "No, thank you, though."
    "Alright then," Ansalong said, and leaned forward to embrace Janet.  "You be careful."
    Janet returned the hug and said, "I will."
    Minutes later, with Ansalong inside the building, Janet found herself in deep thought as she stood outside the building. There's only one thing left for me to do.  I have to seduce Farley myself.  I'll die my hair once more - perhaps a redhead - and pose as a prostitute.  If no one will help me, I'll do it myself!

In the next chapter, Janet seduces Farley in a sleezy hotel room.  Also Bert finds himself arrested by the  police!