Chapter Eleven: 1993

    "I'm innocent!" Bert Schnick shouted to the reporters as he was escorted out of the television studio in Denton.
    Cameras flashed wildly, and seconds later, Bert was inside a police car, being taken to the police station.
    This drive  gave him a chance to rethink the events that had happened - and a chance to think about how to get himself out of it.
    Bert had always had a fascination with the young ladies.  Oh, it was oh so easy when he pretended that he was blind. He could easily watch the ladies as they undress from behind his dark sunglasses, and they would never know any better because they believed he was blind.
    Then Farley bought the Denton TV studio in 1981 and by a twist of fate, he had to suddenly be "healed" by the magic of Farley.  On the "Faith Factory Show" he had revealed that he could now SEE.  The crowd applauded the wonderful miracle, but deep inside Bert knew that it would difficult from that point forward to stare at the young girls like before.
    Over the past years, he found an outlet.  He realized just how wonderful "peeping" through windows at the girls undressing could be.
    That is, until recently when one young girl caught his stare and recognized him.  Although he got away that night, he knew the cops would soon find him.  And tonight they did.
    Bert sat in the back of the police car and tapped the back of the seat that was in front of him.  A cop turned around and asked what Bert wanted.
    "Could you please turn on the air?" Bert asked, adjusting his collar.
    The cop laughed and said, "My bet is that they'll put you away for a couple years.  Better get use to not having priveleges such as air conditioning."
    Bert sat back and thought about it.  Yes, he realized, I have this feeling I'm going to be locked up for a while...

    Meanwhile, in New York City, Janet found herself in a similar situation: she was arrested for prostitution.  Her plan to seduce Farley had backfired.
    First she died her hair red.  Then she dressed sleezy, like a cheap prostitute, applying several layers of gawdy make-up.  Quickly she put on the final touch, high heel shoes, and then headed out.
    She had been spying on Farley for the past few months, studying his behavior pattern for picking up prostitutes.  She learned that he always picked them up on the same street, the one right across from the sleezy hotel she had seen him at before.  She learned he had a fondness for red-heads.  And finally, she learned the time-frame that he generally picked them up.
    Tonight, she waited for him on the sidewalk.  She wondered whether he would recognize her and drive away.
    Fortunately for her, when he arrived, he did not recognize her at all.
    "What's your name?" Farley asked Janet.
    Janet swallowed hard, and then answered him, "Uh, it's Jane."
    The next conversation was brief and too the point.  He knew what he wanted and she knew why she was there.  Her plan was to take him up to the hotel room and drug his drink.  The drug was in her purse.  After he was unconcious, she would tie him up and wait for him to wake up.  Then she would demand answers.  Simple.
    The two of them went up to the hotel room and Farley shut the door behind them.  The room was dimly lit.
    Farley was handsy and she was nervous.
    "I need a drink," she said, opening her purse and pulling out a bottle of Vodka, which she had learned was Farley's favorite.
    "Ooh," Farley smiled, "My favorite.  How'd you know?"
    "Lucky guess," Janet said nervously, "I even have glasses for special occasions like this."
    Farley suddenly was nervous.  "Why would you carry glasses in your purse.  You're just a stupid whore..."
    Janet was caught...but not completely.  "I..." she started, "You see, I..."
    But that's when the police kicked open the door of the hotel room, shouting, "This is a bust!  Freeze!"
    They took both she and Farley down to the police station for booking.
    On the way there, Farley kept looking at Janet and once even asked why she looked familiar.  "Have we met before?"
    Janet was quick, "You picked me up once before.  That's how I knew you liked Vodka."
    Good, Janet thought, that bought some time.
    But she knew she couldn't blow her cover.  She knew she had to keep quiet about who she really was and what she was really doing.
    And because of this necessary secret, they ended up locking Janet up overnight.
    In her jail cell, another prostitute leaned over and said, "I saw you coming in with that guy.  Wow, you're lucky.  He's that t.v. evangelist guy...what was his name? Farley.  Man, I wish I could have picked him up.  I understand he's got some money."
    Janet smiled, and then offered a handshake and an introduction, "Hello, I'm Jane."
    The prostitute shook her hand and said, "Don't worry, if this is your first time, you'll be out of here in the morning.  But that Farley guy... this could hurt is television career!"
    The thought made Janet smile.

In the next chapter, Farley's job as a television preacher comes to an end due to the prostitution scandal but he finds another job.  Also, DTV's make-up artist reappears suddenly in New York City...