Chapter Twelve: 1994

    During the summer of 1994, DTV studio's make up artist found herself with a very strange proposition that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  A letter by mail arrived which caught her eye.  It was from the MTV corporation.  Apparently, someone had found out about her job as make up artist during the early 1980's, with one particular moment pinpointed: Farley Flavor's Faith Factory.  They liked her style, and wanted her to help out on their program called "MTV's House of Style."  All she had to do was move to New York City (they'd pay for it, of course) and work for them.  They proposed a large sum of money as salary, and, in her opinion, it was a proposition she could not refuse.  It was a dream come true.
    Surprisingly, it was at a difficult time in her life.  She had recently lost her husband, and at the age of 59, she was ready to retire.  Her husband had left her a home and a small amount of money when he died.
    Quickly, she packed her bags and flew to New York City.  The job was waiting for - and although the common "coke snorting" amongst co-workers was very evident - she ended up enjoying her new job.
    But in the fall of 1994, something occurred to her: Why haven't I ever met the person who set this up?  I'd like to thank him or her.
    Mysteriously, the letter that had proposed her position in New York had disappeared.  Inquiries as to who sent it fell flat without an answer.  Eventually, she gave up the idea of ever finding the person who changed her life.

    Meanwhile, Farley Flavors stepped to the back of the donut shop and slipped on his winter coat.  He looked at his co-worker and said, "I'm gonna leave now.  You're on your own."
    Farley, who had lost his job as a television evangelist this year due to the scandal with that prostitute named Jane, landed a job at Don's Donut Shop, as a night cashier.  He wasn't exactly keen on taking the job, but finding a great job after such a scandal proved to be very difficult.  Besides, his "boss" (the one setting up a plan to get everyone in New York City) had some kind of connection to this donut shop, and decided that it was best for him to lay low there for a while in this new career opportunity.
    Farley buttoned up his coat and headed to the front door of the donut shop.  He passed by the last table, not even noticing a woman sitting there, with her winter coat and hat concealing her face as she turned her face away from him.
    When Farley had exited the door, the woman turned her view towards the door and watched Farley go.  The woman, Janet Majors, smiled in satisfaction.  She had not been able to get information out of Farley, but she did make his suffer a bit by losing his job. And to think that all I had to do was die my hair red and pretend to be a prostitute, she thought.  Of course, her hair color was now back to normal: a light brown, almost blonde - her natural hair color.
    A man suddenly sat down in the booth seat in front of her and said, "You look like you've done something sinful..."
    Startled, Janet looked at him, and tried to find an answer to tell this stranger: "Uh...I..."
    The man, who was just a couple years younger than Janet, extended his hand in a polite greeting, saying, "My name is Randy.  And you are...?"
    Janet shook his hand, embarrassed, "Janet Majors."
    "Nice to meet you, Mr. Majors."
    They both stared at each other, smiling.  Finally, he asked her, "That man you were watching leave.  You know him?"
    Janet suddenly was nervous, "Why? Why do you ask?"
    "Well," he explained, "The way you were hiding your face when he passed by you, one might think he was an ex-boyfriend, or husband or something."
    "No," Janet said, "I don't know him.  I ... I didn't realize I was even hiding my face.  How strange, huh."
    "Definately...but then again, there's a lot of strange things happenin' in the city that never sleeps."
    Janet stood up, nervously, and polite excused herself, "Listen, uh, ... "
    "Randy," he said.
    "Yes, Randy," she replied, buttoning her winter coat, "It was nice to meet you, but I think I'd better get going.  It's getting late."
    "Listen, Janet!" he said as she opened the donut shop door, "I come to this donut shop a lot.  Perhaps I'll see you again?"
    "Perhaps," Janet said with a somewhat comfortable smile, and then she left the donut shop and walked down the sidewalk.
    Back inside the donut shop, Randy walked up to the payphone on the wall and, after inserting coins, called a phone number.  He waited a second and then said, "Yeah, it's me, Randy.  You won't believe it.  My luck is in.  I just found her. ... Janet Majors.  No, I'm not going to tell her anything.  Not yet.  I think I'll get to know her first.  Just for a little while.  I want to get closer to her before I tell her anything.  Yeah, thanks.  I'll talk to ya later.  Bye."
    He walked outside the coffee shop and looked down the street at the barely visible (through the heavy snow fall) Janet Majors.  Randy smiled.

In the next chapter, Janet gets closer to her new found friend.  Also, Rest Home Ricky gets a job offer he can't refuse!