Chapter Fourteen: 1996

    Denton policeman, Vance Parker, was at Don's Donut Shop in New York City.  He was sitting at a table talking to Farley Flavors, who was dressed down, compared to the attire he had been accustomed to wear over the years.  Now he wore a T-shirt and jeans, and a baking apron on top.
    "Farley," Vance said, "I have been helping out for several years now.  I'm getting nervous.  If I don't find out who I'm working for and why - pretty soon - then I want out."
    Farley suddenly turned angry, reaching across the table to clutch Vance Parker in his fists and pull him towards him.  "Listen, you dumb-ass," Farley shouted, "You don't know what you've gotten into here!  There is no way out!  You have to ride this through!  Besides, it won't be much longer.  I've got good word that the boss has a date set for all of this to come to a close."
    "Really?" Vance asked, "When?"
    Farley let go of Vance and the two of them sat back down comfortably.  He answered, "I don't know.  But when the boss is ready to tell us, we'll find out."
    Suddenly someone came in the door and approached the counter to order some pastries.  Farley ignored the customer.
    Vance said, "I saw Bert Schnick this morning.  I was surprised to see they let him out of jail."
    "Yeah," Farley said, "Our boss arranged that.  Pulled some strings.  Got him here in New York City working in  an eyeglass shop."
    "Man," Vance said, "The boss has inside help everywhere."
    Farley said, "Yeah, very deep pockets."
    Suddenly the customer at the counter turned to Farley and said rudely, "Do you wanna come here and help me?"
    Farley snapped back, "Do you wanna suck my dick?"

    I'm being watched.
    That's what Janet had told Randy recently.  Or was it Randy who had suggested it to her? She couldn't remember exactly.  Regardless, it was a paranoid thought that only made sense: Farley and whoever he worked for had some sinister plan, and many Denton "regulars" were all being lured to New York City.  And Janet (or at least she believed) was the center of it all.
    That's when Randy suggested the best way to mess up Farley's plans was to simply...disappear.
    Janet thought about it and realized it was a fantastic idea.  If Farley believed she had vanished, the entire plan (whatever it may be) would be foiled.
    So she put her plan in motion.  She typed up a standard letter that she sent out to everyone she knew.  It read simply:
Hello friends and family,
    After years of slowly fading memories of my younger brother, Henry, who was abducted as a child by aliens from another planet, I have at last found him.  Friends of mine, Frank N. Furter to be exact, have tracked him down on another planet.  Frank will be taking me to him very shortly.
    I am afraid I must leave earth to get him and bring him back.  I will be gone for quite a while, years perhaps.  Do not worry about me.
    I know this all sounds strange, and very sudden, but believe me when I tell you it is true.
    I will miss you all...
                            Love Janet.
    Janet placed all the letters inside several envelopes and addressed them, and after placing stamps on them, she went outside of her apartment and dropped them into the mailbox.
    Returning to her livingroom, she picked up the phone and called her good friend, Randy.
    To her surprise, he was not home.  His answering machine picked up.
    "Hello, Randy, this is Janet.  I wanted to say goodbye.  I plan on being gone for quite some time.  I'll try to find you when I return."
    Janet hung up the phone, and opened up her front door.  When she stepped into the hallway outside of her apartment, she locked the door.
    Suddenly, a gloved hand covered her mouth to muffle her scream.  Another arm was wrapped around her.  Janet tried screaming, as she struggled to get away from her attacker, but her shouts were muffled by the gloved hand on her mouth.  Little did she know, she was enhaling a liquid drug that seconds later, made her fall into a deep sleep.
    Just before she fell asleep, she turned around and saw her attacker.
    You! Janet thought to herself, recognizing her attacker.  Seconds later, her world was dark.

In the next chapter, Janet seems to have disappeared.  But where is she really?  We'll also check up on Cosmo and Nation, as well as Ralph.  And remember the bass player for Oscar's band? You won't believe what he's been doing lately!