Chapter Sixteen: 1998

    In January of 1998, Brad walked the streets of New York City.  He had just arrived, one morning, and started searching for Janet.  He was very worried when he opened the letter 2 years ago about Janet's disappearance.  Her letter said that she was leaving earth...with Frank N. find her younger brother who had been abducted by a UFO when she and he were young.
    But this didn't make since to Brad.  He knew that the reason she had traveled to New York was to find her son.  It was important enough to leave her marriage for.  Yet, the letter clarified she could easily abandon her search for her son.
    He had tried to relax, knowing that she was, indeed, in safe hands if she were with Frank N Furter.
    But in December of 1997, Brad received a visit from Frank N. Furter, Columbia and Rocky -- just as sudden as they had shown up several years back to tell Janet the child she had was not Transylvanian.  The reason they were back on earth was to find Columbia's twin sister, whom Columbia had just learned was possibly alive and living on earth.
    Brad asked Frank about Janet's trip into outerspace to retrieve her yournger brother, and Frank was confused.  He told Brad that he didn't know what Brad was talking about.  So Brad showed Frank N. Furter the letter she had mailed to him.  Frank confirmed that there must be some mistake.
    So Brad decided at that moment he would travel to New York City to find her.  That is why Brad was searching the New York streets in January of 1998.
    "Oh Janet," he said aloud, to nobody in particular, "Where are you?"

    Farley sat in a booth at Don's Donut Shop talking to Vance Parker.
    Vance said, "So now, if I understand right, almost everyone involved back at the Faith Factory scandal is living here in New York City?"
    Farley laughed, "Yes, almost everyone.  The boss even told me that Kirk moved up here last month."
    Vance smiled, "My old buddy, Kirk?  Wow.  I can't wait to see him.  I wonder if he still enjoys coffee."
    Farley said, "No, he hasn't sold coffee in years.  He works at a garage here in New York City."
    Suddenly the door opened and a young man entered.  "Hello," he said, "My name is Danny Slipstrini."
    Farley stood up and greeted him, "Danny, my boy.  Welcome aboard.  The job isn't that hard.  Why don't you go to the back and clock on in."
    Danny Slipstrini forced a smile to his new boss at his new job at the donut shop, then he went on to the back to clock in.  He needed a change in his life.  He needed something to make him happy.
    The reason he was so sad: his lover of several years, Harry Weiss, left him recently because he realized that he was still in love with his wife, Emily.
    Hmmm, Danny thought to himself, staring at Farley, My boss, Mr. Flavors is kind of attractive.  I might like this job after all...

    Martha Lapsey woke up in the Spring of 1998 worried.  She feared her husband, Irwin Lapsey (previously of Lapsey Autos in Denton), had left her.
    Two weeks before, he received a mysterious phone call from somebody that made him very nervous.  When she asked him who it was that called, he refused to give a straight answer and became even more nervous.  He hardly slept that night.
    Then last night, late in the evening, the phone rang.  Both Martha and Irwin were in the midst of eating dinner when the mystery person called him.  Both of them stared at the phone quietly and then at each other.  Somehow, they both knew it was best not to answer it.  But Irwin did anyway.
    "Hello?" he said into the phone, "...Yes, this is he.... I understand ... how would I get there? ... "
    After a second or two of silence, Irwin walked over to the livingroom window and pulled the curtain back.  He stared in disbelief at the vehical in front of his home.  It appeared to be: the white convertible that he had donated to the Faith Factory Show back in 1982 - the same one that Brad and Janet Majors had escaped with.
    Into the phone, Irwin said, "My God, I don't believe it.  Is it--? ... Yes, I understand.  ...  When? ... Thanks.  Goodbye."
    Then Irwin hung up and went directly to bed without saying a word.  Martha went to the porch for about two hours and stared at the white convertible that sat in front her home.
    This morning, she woke up and noticed that he was not in bed with her.  She walked over to the closet and discovered that his clothes were gone.  She opened his sock drawer and saw that his socks and underwear were gone.
    Tears filled her eyes as she ran out of the bedroom, through the livingroom, and out of the house.
    The car was gone.
    Martha sat in the swing and cried.

    A brown car drove down the highway, traveling towards New York City.  The driver was a young man named Tom.  Several years back, he was arrested by the police because his "girlfriend" - a woman named Betty Hapschatt - turned him in.  But recently he was released from prison on good behavior.  Once out, he bought a used car and headed to New York.  The reason: to find Betty Hapschatt.
    "Oh baby," he said on his journey, "I bet you're gonna be surprised to see ol' Tom, huh?"
    He let out a laughter that would make a grown man shiver in fear.  It was very evident that Tom had only one thing on his mind: Revenge.

    In the Summer of 1998, Cosmo and Nation walked down the busy sidewalk in New York City.  They had just left Kirk's home after giving him his first brainwashing inducement through hypnosis and drugs.  The session was successful.
    Suddenly, Nation stumbled and fell to the sidewalk, one leg having tripped over the other.  She let out a cry and Cosmo leaned down to see if she were alright.  It appeared that her ankle was spranged.
    "I'll go flag down a taxi," Cosmo said in a rush, running to the street, waving his arms.
    Suddenly, a tall man ran up to Nation, who lied helpless on the ground, and pinned her flat to the sidewalk.  Nation screamed loudly, and Cosmo turned to see the man stand back up and run away.  Cosmo ran to Nation and saw that she was crying.
    Cosmo asked, out of breath, "Are you alright?"
    Nation wept, "He took my ring, the one my mother gave me!"
    Cosmo looked towards the direction that the man had ran, but he was already out of sight.  Cosmo asked her, "Did you see what he looked like?"
    Nation answered, "It was Brad!  Brad Majors!"

    Macy was at an empty warehouse, where a movie was being filmed.  She walked around, carrying a box of donuts in her hands that she had picked up from Don's Donut Shop.  It wasn't a great job, but at least it gave her some cash to help her day by day.
    The director of the movie passed by, and she offered him a donut.
    "No thanks, sugar," the older man said.  Then he slipped a hand around her waist, resting it on her butt behind her.  Then he added, "But why don't you come to me in my office in about an hour and offer me something.  I think I might want a little sugar then..."
    He walked on by and Macy smiled.  She knew in her mind that it was very tempting to resort to her old ways - to flirt and sleep her way to the top.  No, I thought, I don't have to resort to that anymore. ... God give me strength.
    Macy walked to the door of the warehouse, and stopped as Randy (Janet's closest friend before she disappeared) entered.  He approached her and asked her if she had heard from Janet.
    "No," Macy answered, "She hasn't contacted you?"
    "No," he said, "I'm worried."
    The two of them stared out the nearest window into the crowd of people outside.  Many faces in New York City.  None of them were Janet.

    A neighbor of Ralph Hapschatt approached his door with caution.  It was unlike him to leave the door of his apartment wide open.
    "Hello?  Mr. Hapschatt?" she asked, shouting into the dark apartment.
    Slowly she entered his apartment and turned on the light.  The room was very clean, nothing out of place.
    "Mr. Hapschatt?"
    She walked down the hall and noticed the bedroom door was open and the light was on.  Slowly she walked up to the open doorway and peered inside.
    "Aaahhhh!" she screamed, running out of the apartment.
    Ralph Hapschatt lied in a pool of blood, gasping for breath.  He had been stabbed twice in the chest.

In the next chapter, Farley's "BOSS" gathers everyone from Denton into one large room for a little reunion.  Everyone is surprised to see who has arranged this unusual get-together...