Chapter Nineteen: The Chase

    Betty unlocked her apartment door.  After she and Oliver walked in, she shut it behind her and flipped on the lights.  "Can I get you a drink?" was all she could muster for conversation.  After all, she thought, what do I say? Where do I start?
    "Sure, anything is fine," was all Oliver could answer in return.
    She walked to the kitchen, and Oliver found himself following her.
    She opened the cabinet and reached for a glass.  At the same time, Oliver reached for the same glass, and their hands touched momentarily.
    "Oh," they both said nervously, "I'm sorry."
    They stared at each other's eyes for a brief moment, keeping their hands frozen in the air.  Then they both lowered their hands, forgetting about the glass.
    "Oliver, I'm sorry."
    "Don't be."
    "Yes," she said, "I got scared.  I didn't want to fall in love with you and have you leave me.  I didn't want to watch someone die.  Particularly, someone I..."
    "Yes?" Oliver asked.
    Betty finally answered, "Particularly someone I love."
    Oliver leaned in and kissed her, and she returned it.  When the embrace ended, they looked into each others eyes...speechless.
    Then Oliver said, "I love you, too.  But don't worry about my health.  I'm taking precautions."
    They hugged each other.  That's when Betty noticed the apartment front door open.  She walked over to the door, saying, "That's odd, I thought I shut that..."
    "Watch out!" Oliver shouted from the kitchen, seeing Tom jump out from behind the open door, leaping to Betty.
    But it was too late.  Tom jumped at Betty, grabbing her tightly within his arms.  Oliver saw him place the jagged edge of a knife against her throat.  With his foot, Tom kicked the door close.
    "Let her go, whoever you are!" Oliver shouted, although he recognized him from the park, not too long ago.
    "Why?" Tom said angrily, "I'm a guest.  Ain't that right, Betty?"
    Oliver was surprised, and asked her, "You know this guy?"
    "Yeah, Betty," Tom shouted, "Tell the old geizer how we know each other."
    "Please," Betty whimpered, "Just let Oliver go.  Your anger is with me, not him."
    Tom said, "You see, Betty and me go way back.  We were, what would you say?... Oh yeah... we was courtin'!  Only Betty would rather see me in jail than in her bed, ain't that right, Betty?"
    Betty was crying tears, feeling the sharp edge of the knife against her neck.  She didn't answer him -- she only wept.
    Oliver looked over at the clock, and then back to Tom before saying, "You might as well let her go, the cops are waiting downstairs.  Any minute they'll be rushing through the front door."
    "Oh right," Tom said, sweat dripping from his eyebrow, "And how would they know I'd be coming here?
    Oliver said, "Because Betty and I have been on to you for days now.  We expected this situation.  As a matter of fact, this room is bugged.  Cops are listening to every word you're saying."
    "I dont' believe you," Tom said, "If this room is bugged, then why aren't they rushing through the door as we speak?"
    Oliver answered, "They're gonna bust it down and open fire on you."
    Betty begged Oliver, "Please, don't..." Betty knew that Oliver and Betty were not "on to him" as Oliver had said.  She hadn't even seen Oliver before tonight's reunion.  Not in years, at least.
    Oliver added, "You see, the police said they'll give me a signal when they're about ready to bust down the door and shoot you.  They're going to set off a tiny "beep" on my pager just a second before they come in.  It gives me time to grab Betty and duck."
    Tom looked nervously to the window and then back to Oliver.  Tom said, "I don't believe you.  That sounds too far fetched..."
    Oliver said bravely, "I don't care what you believe, because I know it's true.  I'm just waiting for the beep to give me warning."
    There was a second or two of nervous silence, and then suddenly a loud beep sound came from Oliver's wasteband.  In a quick reaction, Tom threw himself and Betty to the floor, expecting the door to fly open, with the police open-firing on him.  But that didn't happen.  Instead, Oliver grabbed the iron statue nearby and slammed it down on Tom's head as he and Betty were dropping to the floor.
    Seconds later, Tom lie unconcious on top of Betty, who quickly crawled out from underneith him, and ran to Oliver.
    "My god, Oliver! Are you alright?"
    Oliver held her and answered, "I'm fine."  He looked over to Tom, who was motionless.  Blood started to leak from his forehead to the carpet.
    Oliver said to Betty, "Call for an ambulance and police.  If he's not dead, he might be shortly."
    Betty ran to the phone and called 911.  She relayed the story briefly and then hung up, assuring Oliver that help was on it's way.  Then she asked him, "How did you know that your beeper was going to beep?"
    Oliver said, "I told you not to worry about my health - that I had taken precautions."
    He pulled open his coat jacket and revealed a small mechanical device, which looked a lot like a pager.  Pointing to it, he explained, "It's a reminder to take my medicine every six hours.  It beeps to remind me.  When he grabbed you, I noticed the time on the clock on the wall and remembered that it was going to beep.  So I just made up the rest."
    Betty hugged him, and said, "You saved my life."
    Oliver was very thankful that she was once again in his life, so he said, "And so did you.  So did you."

    "Janet!" Randy yelled to her and Brad, "Wait!"
    "Go away!" Janet yelled back, "You work for her! Andoria!"
    Running directly behind Bert Schnick, Brad entered one set of doors, and pass through to the next train section that was connected.  They continued running.  Passing through one more set of doors, they realized they could go no further.  They were at the end of the line.
    Randy entered the subway train section they ended up on, and tried to catch his breath.  He stood at one end of the train section, while Brad, Janet and Bert stood at the other end.  There was no one else in this section of the train.
    "Look," Randy explained, "I don't work for anyone! And I would never hurt you!"
    Janet snapped, "It's no coincidence that you showed up and quickly became my friend.  It was your suggestion to convince everyone I'd left, and then suddenly I was kidnapped!  How much did she pay you, Randy? Huh?"
    Randy said, "I don't know who you're talking about.  I don't work for anyone!"
    Bert whispered to Janet, "I think he's telling the truth.  I've never seen him before."
    Randy continued, "You're right, Janet, it was NO coincidence that we met the way we did.  I had been trying to track you down for years."
    Janet snapped again, "Because you worked for Andoria!"
    "No," Randy said, "Because you're my sister!"
    Janet stared at him in disbelief, and then said, "That's very cruel.  My brother Henry was abducted by a UFO when he was a little boy."
    "But I didn't get abducted.  I was foolish.  I ran away."
    Janet stared at him, and tried to remember Henry.  Randy looked a little like the way she remembered, similar facial features, particularly in the eyes.  Janet's eyes filled with tears, and she said, "I don't believe you."
    Randy said, "I ran away.  I got lost.  I got hungry.  I stole some food, and some guy chased me, store security, I think.  I knew I was in trouble, so I kept running and running and running.  I jumped in the back of someone's truck and hid under a dirty blanket.  The truck traveled for quite some time, and then I found myself in another city.  I was far from home.  Some homeless guy befriended me, and took care of me for years.  He called me Randy, and the name stuck.  Eventually, when I got older and took better care of my self, I got a job and a home, and I decided to try and find you, but you were impossible to find."
    Brad said, "Then why didn't you tell her who you were when you found her?"
    Randy said, "Because I wanted to sort of feel the air, so to speak.  I wanted to find out what she was like, and try to determine how she would react if I told her the truth.  I wasn't sure if disrupting her life with such news would be a good thing or not.  I even asked advice from the homeless man who took care of me all those years.  He always urged me to tell you, but I was afraid.  And then the day I was ready to tell you everything, you vanished!"
    Brad said, "And we're just supposed to believe this story? Some homeless guy raised you?"
    "It's true," Randy said, approaching Janet slowly, not taking his eyes off hers, "I swear to it.  I used to chant to you when I was little.  I said, 'Janet Weiss / Kiss the Guys / Makes 'em think she's very Nice / But I know that / She's a Brat / With stinky breath and thunder thighs' "
    Randy stopped just in front of Janet, who's eyes were filled to the max with tears.
    Janet stepped forward and hugged him, allowing the tears to fall down her cheeks.
    "I've missed you so much," she said.
    Suddenly, the embrace was interrupted as Riff Raff spoke from the other end of the train section: "This is touching."
    Brad, Janet, Randy and Bert turned to face Riff Raff.  Magenta was standing behind Riff Raff, and to everyone's surprise, Farley Flavors was standing next to Magenta.  Riff Raff was pointing the 3-prong laser gun at them, and he said to them, "You know, the two of you have been a thorn in my side for years."
    Farley leaned in to Riff Raff and said, "I think you should kill 'em."
    "I think you should shut up," Brad said to Farley.
    Riff Raff responded, "If I were to kill the bunch of you, which one should I kill first?"
    "This is rediculous," Bert Schnick said, "You have no reason to kill me."
    "Oh no?" Riff Raff said, "I could think of one great reason...the ring you're wearing on your finger."
    Bert looked down at the ring.
    Riff Raff said, "That ring belongs to my sister, Magenta.  She was attacked and the ring was stolen."
    Bert swallowed hard, "But I didn't steal this ring.  Brad gave it to me."
    "What?" Brad asked, "Don't be rediculous.  I didn't give you that ring."
    "Yes, you did," Bert said, "Several months ago.  You were homeless on the street.  I helped you out."
    Brad looked surprised and said, "What are you talking about?  I've never been homeless."
    Magenta jumped in, "That's a lie.  I saw the man who mugged me.  It was you, Brad!"
    "I swear!" Brad shouted, "It wasn't me!"
    Janet said, "If it wasn't you who stole that ring, then who?"
    Suddenly everyone realized the answer, and turned their stare to Farley.  Janet said, "It was you, wasn't it."
    Farley smiled and then laughed, "You're so quick, Janet.  Yes, I pretended to be Brad.  I stole the ring to make her mad at you.  I thought it would help out in the quest to find you if she and Cosmo -- I mean, Riff Raff -- were out to find you."
    Bert said, "So you gave me the ring so it wasn't in your posession?"
    Farley smiled, "Yeah, and I would suggest giving it back right now if there's any chance of saving your balls."
    Bert pulled it off his finger and started to step forward to return it.  But before he could take even one complete step, Brad grabbed the ring from him.  Every was shocked at this move, and several gasped.
    "Not a smart move, Brad," Riff Raff said, pointing the laser gun to Brad.
    Brad smiled, "No, I'm afraid your wrong.  I'm using this ring as a bargaining tool."
    "That's stupid," Farley said, "He could kill you and take the ring.  You're in NO position to bargain."
    "Well," Brad said, "The ring is only part of my bargaining tool.  You see, if you let us go, I'll make sure you get a break when it comes to the transylvanian trial you're about to face."
    "What do you mean?" Magenta asked.
    Brad explained, "Because any second, you're gonna be captured by some friends of mine from Transexual."
    Riff Raff asked, "What do you mean?"
    Brad showed the group his other hand (which didn't have the ring), exposing a small box with a green button.  The box was aproximately 1 each each direction.  Brad said, "Last time I had a visit from my Trannie friends, they gave me this box.  Said I was to press it when I needed their company.  Told me to press it twice if I was in any kind of trouble."
    "I don't believe you," Riff Raff said.
    Brad smiled and said, "Oh, yes, it's true.  I've already pressed it twice.  They'll be here to rescue me any second."
    Riff Raff said, "Even if that were true, they couldn't get here that fast.  And they wouldn't know where you even were."
    Brad said, "Wrong again.  You see, this box acts as a homing device.  So you see, Riff Raff, I'm holding all the cards.  If you let us go, I'll give you the ring, as well as see to it that you get a break on your sentence when you are found guilty in the Transylvanian trial."
    "Do you think he's telling the truth?" Magenta asked her brother.
    Riff Raff wasn't sure.  He shrugged slightly.  After a few seconds, Riff Raff said, "Fine.  It's a deal.  Give us the ring."
    Brad said, "Put the gun on the floor."
    Riff Raff nodded and said, "Very well."  He lowered himself to the floor, resting the the gun there at his feet.
    Brad stepped forward a few steps, with an extended hand which held the ring.
    Randy looked slowly reached up and placed his hand on a hand grip.  Then with his other hand, he reached quickly to the wall, and pulled the emergancy stop switch.
    The train came to a quick jolt, in an effort to stop suddenly.  Everyone on the train fell to the floor, except for Randy, who was holding tightly to the ceiling grip.  In the panic, the laser gun started to slide to the center of the train, where Riff Raff and Brad collided.  They both tried to grab the gun, but it slid past them, out of reach.  The closest one to it was Bert, who was also on the floor of the train.
    Suddenly the train was completely stopped, and the doors came open automatically.  Bert stood up and pointed the gun at the group.  He was in a panic, unsure what to do.  His hands (and the gun) were shaking.  "Don't move! Everybody!"
Randy, still standing, helped Janet up.  Brad stood up, as well as Farley, Magenta, and Riff Raff.
    Randy said, "Give me the gun, Bert."
    Riff Raff said, "You don't even know how to use it.  It's a new and improved version of the gun used 'back in the day.' "
    Bert shouted, "Just shut up!  All of you!"  It was obvious Bert was panicing, unsure of how to deal with the situation.
    Riff Raff started slowly walking toward Bert, saying, "Careful, Bert.  You don't want to hurt us.  Just give me the gun."
    "Step away!" Bert said, and when Riff Raff continued walking to him, Bert pulled the trigger quickly.  Yet, to his surprise, the gun didn't fire.
    In that instant, Riff Raff seized the gun from Bert and stepped towards the open doorway, pointing the gun at them.  Magenta and Farley joined his side, and the three of them stepped out of the train.
    "But," Brad said, "I still have the ring."
    "Keep the ring," Riff Raff said, "I get it from you after you're dead."
    Janet's eyes widened suddenly, but not because of what Riff Raff said: standing behind Riff Raff, Magenta and Farley was someone she knew.
    Riff Raff continued, "So...say goodbye to all of this.  ... And hello to oblivion."
    "Not so fast, Riff Raff," said a voice behind him.  Riff Raff, Magenta and Farley turned around to see Frank N. Furter, Rocky and Columbia standing there, each holding a laser gun on them.
    Frank continued, "Long time no see."
    Columbia pressed the trigger on her gun (which looked very different from Frank and Rocky's) and a beam of light shot out towards Riff Raff, knocking the laser gun from his hands, falling down and resting under the subway train.
    "Frank N. Furter, what a surprise," Riff Raff said nervously.
    Brad stepped out of the train (with Janet, Randy and Bert following behind) and joined Frank's side.
    Brad said to Riff Raff, "See.  Told you.  Two presses on the button."
    Magenta asked, "But how did you get here so quickly?"
    Riff Raff said, "I don't see any transport tube anywhere..."
    Frank said, "Oh, you're behind on the times.  Things in the galaxy of Transylvania are new and improved.  Now we can transport with just a press of a button."
    Farley said, "So, I don't know who you are, but I imagine you're gonna let me go.  I'm not from Transylvania."
    Brad answered, "No, you're not from Transylvania, but the authorities are gonna be interested in talking to you here."
    Frank said, "Well, now that this is all over, it's time to go.  I've got to take Riff Raff and Magenta back home, to our new ruling planet, Transgender.  There, the new Queen will place them on trial."
    Bert stepped forward, and asked, "What about me?"
    Frank said, "You need to come back as well.  You've been posing as an earthling for too long."
    Bert sighed, and said, "I understand."
    Then Frank nodded to Rocky, who aimed his gun (which looked different to Frank's as well) at Riff Raff and Magenta.  With a quick press of the trigger, a red beam enveloped the siblings.  Seconds later, the red light brightened, and then disappeared, taking Riff Raff and Magenta with them.  Farley was left standing there by himself.  He shrugged and nervously laughed.
    Frank turned to Bert and asked if he was ready to go.  Bert answered, "Yes, I suppose."
    Brad jumped in, "Wait, don't take him just yet."
    Columbia asked, "But why not?"
    Janet answered for Brad, "Because Queen Andoria knows where my son is, and Bert says he can take us there.  That's where we were heading before Riff Raff interfeered."
    "Well then," Frank said, "Let's go there, right now.  Rocky can zap us there in a milisecond.  Bert -- tell us.  Where are we going?"
    Randy interrupted, "Wait, we can't just leave him here."  He was referring to Farley.
    "Oh that's easy," Frank said, grabbing Rocky's gun.  He pressed a button on the side, and then aimed it at Farley.  Pressing the trigger, a beam of white light shot out to Farley and Farley was instantly turned to stone -- just as Brad and Janet had been years before.
    Frank looked at the statue of Farley and smiled.  Turning to Brad and Janet he said, "New and improved.  Nice, huh?"
    Bert said, "Come on guys, time is short.  Let's go get Janet's son."

    Ansalong was walking down the street towards her apartment.  Walking beside her was Ricky.  Both she and he were smiling.  As they walked, their hands were hooked together, comfortably.
    They stopped in front of a tall skyscraper - possibly an apartment building or hotel by the looks of it - and faced each other.  They looked into each other's eyes, feeling a rekindling of romance.  They slowly leaned forward and kissed.  It was slow and full of love.  Up in the sky, some late fireworks went off and disappeared quickly.
    "How romantic," he said to her when their lips parted, "I've always wanted to kiss under fireworks."
    "Yes," she agreed.
    "I meant what I said earlier tonight," Ricky told her, "I stopped drinking.  And it's all because of you.  I love you.  Always have, always will."
    She smiled, and said, "I love you, too."
    They leaned in for a kiss but the embrace was interrupted by a bright light behind them.  It seemed to be centered directly on the sidewalk, with a seeming "mist" of sparkles here and there.  Both Ansalong and Ricky were fascinated by the light show on the sidewalk.
    Suddenly the light went away, and in its place stood several people they knew: Brad, Janet, Bert, Frank, Rocky, and Columbia.  Also with them was Randy, whom Ansalong nor Ricky knew.
    When the people seemingly appeared out of nowhere, there was one person in the group that Ansalong was really surprised to see: her sister, Columbia.  Columbia looked at Ansalong, who was staring back in return.  Both sisters were smiling ear to ear.
    "Columbia!" Ansalong shouted, running to her.
    Columbia ran to Ansalong, shouting, "Ansalong!"
    They hugged each other, and displayed tears.  Pulling apart, they wiped their faces dry, and exchanged words:
    "I thought you were dead."
    "I thought you were dead!"
    "I can't believe I'm standing in front of you!"
    Again, they hugged each other.
    Behind them, Frank turned to Janet and said, "I think you better head on up to the penthouse and deal with Andoria.  We'll wait here and watch this special reunion."
    Janet nodded and turned to face the apartment building.  Taking a deep breath, she headed towards the main door of the building.
    "Janet!" Brad shouted, "Wait a minute."
    He ran up to her at the door, and asked her, "You sure you want to do this alone?"
    Janet shook her head yes, and said, "I'll be fine.  Wait here.  Besides, if I feel any danger, I've got this little gadget here."  She held up the small box with the button - which will call Frank to her rescue should she need it.
    Brad said, "I'm nervous.  I don't want to lose you again."
    Janet smiled and said, "But I always came back to you in the past.  Relax.  I'll be fine.  I need to do this alone."
    Brad forced a nervous smile, and then kissed her on the lips.  Pulling away, he said to her, "For luck."

    Janet entered the hallway on the top floor, and saw there was only one door.  The Penthouse.  This was where Bert said Andoria resides here on earth.  It was expensive to live in the penthouse, and one could only imagine where Andoria obtained money over the years.  Had she drugged someone rich when she arrived years ago?  Seduced them?  Killed them?  Who knew.
    Janet remembered what Andoria had said - concerning her landing on earth.  She had been in a spaceship with the man who had invented the transport tubes in Frank's castle.  The man was a mechanical genious.  He had been responsible for many inventions, Andoria told Janet recently (months before New Year's Eve) during Janet's hostage situation.  The Transylvanian professor had invented the meduser, as well as the de-meduser.  He had invented the device which made people stick to the floor, as well as the magnet device which had pulled Dr. Scott up stairs many years ago.  He had invented Riff Raff's 3-prong laser, and before he died not too long ago, he had updated that 3-prong laser.
    Janet worried about what "mechanical inventions" awaited her inside the penthouse.  She kept hold of the small box Frank had given her just in case.
    She walked to the penthouse door and was surprised to see it was not shut all the way.  She slowly pushed the door open and entered.  Quietly, she shut the door behind her and stepped into the penthouse livingroom.  It would appear, at first glance, that she was alone.
    Where are you, Andoria? Janet asked herself.
    The penthouse was dim in lighting.  Janet walked slowly past a large fishtank, which held plenty of colorful fish.  Behind the tank was a large plant, and behind the plant was a statue of David, most likely a copy - as the original was in some museum somewhere, Janet was sure.
    Walking past the statue, she walked behind the furniture, near the sliding glass door.  Peering onto the balcony, she could see it was void of any humans - or Transylvanians for that matter.
    When Janet turned around, she was startled.  She gasped, frightened.  Andoria was standing right behind her.
    "Janet," Andoria said, "I've been expecting you."
    "Where's my son?" Janet asked, walking past Andoria towards the back rooms.  She searched room by room for her son.  Her mind thought about how old Daniel would be on this date: 24 years old.
    "Janet," Andoria said, following her, room to room, "Relax.  Let's sit down and talk, shall we?"
    After failure at finding her son in the bedrooms and bathrooms, she returned quickly to the livingroom, barely looking at Andoria.
    Suddenly she turned and faced her, repeating her question: "Where is my son.  You stole him from me."
    The ex-queen sat down comfortably on a very expensive looking couch, and said, "Now now, Janet.  I stole nobody.  I assure you if was strictly by the book.  I obeyed your countries laws by adopting him."
    "Where IS HE!!?" Janet shouted again.
    Andoria attempted to irritate Janet with her next statement, "He called me mom."
    "You lying bitch!" Janet shouted, running up to her, and with a quick movement, slapped Andoria's face.
    The sting on Andoria's cheek was evident, as expressed in her expression.  Janet was angry, and her breaths were deep, as her face was just inches from Andoria's.  Janet stood up slowly and the two women stared at each other.
    Andoria said, "I could kill you, you know."
    Janet snapped, "If you wanted to, you would have by now."
    Andoria smiled, "I had no problem killing your son."
    Janet felt her eyes fill with water.  Then she said, "I don't believe you."
    Andoria said, "He cried in pain.  I tortured him very slow.  Then when I tired of his cries, I had Riff Raff shoot him with his laser."
    "YOU BITCH!" Janet said, jumping on top of Andoria, knocking her flat on the couch.  Janet's hand's clasped Andoria's neck and began squeezing.
    Andoria forced words out, "How' me."
    Janet realized what she was doing, and jumped up off her.  Andoria messaged her throat, trying to catch her breath.
    "Where is he?"
    "I told you, Janet, I killed--"
    "Yes," Janet shouted, "I heard you the first time.  But if you killed him, where is his body!"
    Andoria simply laughed, and said, "Hmm, let me think.  I remember I was hungry."
    Janet's eyebrows raised in shock.
    Andoria continued, "Tell me, Janet.  Have you ever been hungry enough to eat another human?  Oh yes, I remember the story now.  What was his name? Eddie?  Well, I assure you, Janet, Daniel was probably more tender than Eddie."
    Suddenly Janet's face turned beat red with anger.  Sweat had developed on her forehead.  She felt her hands shaking and her heart racing with hatred and anger.  With stiff but swift legs, Janet went into the kitchen and grabbed a large butcher knife, similar to those seen in those teen-slasher films.  She went back to Andoria.
    "Come on, Janet," she said, spreading her arms out to show she had no weapons and would not resist, "Come on, do it.  Kill me.  Prove that you can be just as evil as me!"
    Janet jumped on top of Andoria, one knee on each side of Andoria's hips.  Janet pressed the knife's edge against Andoria's neck, but didn't put much pressure on it.  Janet's eyes were filled with tears as she wept her son's death.
    "Come on, Janet, do it.  But keep in mind one thing..."
    Janet stared into Andoria's eyes and tears fell down, landing between them.  Seconds felt like minutes before Andoria finished her sentence:
    "If you kill me, you'll never find out if I really did kill him."
    Feeling helpless, Janet threw the knife to the corner behind the statue of David.  Janet fell off Andoria, and landed on the carpet at the ex-queen's feet.  Curling into a fetal position, Janet exploded in tears and cries of helplessness.
    "There there, Janet" Andoria said, standing up, and walking over to the kitchen, "Everything's going to be alright.  But you made one mistake -- you brought a knife to a gun fight."
    Andoria opened a kitchen cabinet door and pulled out a 3-prong laser, which looked exactly like Riff Raff's.  The ex-queen explained, "Look, I got one too!"
    She aimed it at Janet, and walked slowly towards her.
    You brought a knife to a gun fight, she had said.  The words echoed in Janet's mind as she felt herself slowly slipping into a state of shock.
    You brought a knife...
    You brought a knife...
    ...a knife...
    ...a knife...
    Janet looked over to the knife in the corner, lying at the statue's feet.  Raising her point of view, she glanced up to the statue.
    Andoria continued, "I guess you'll never know what really happened to your son..."
    Janet stared at the statue's face.  Something about the statue seemed odd about it...
    Andoria said, "I have this feeling your fate will be much worse than his was..."
    Staring at the statue, Janet finally understood.  The words slipped out of her mouth gently, "That's my son."
    Andoria stopped in her tracks.  "What?" she asked Janet, looking up to the statue, herself.
    Janet said, "The statue.  I thought it was the statue of David.  But it's really the statue of Daniel.  You turned him to stone."  Janet turned her head to look at Andoria and then repeated herself, "That's my son."
    The ex-queen lowered her smile and said, "Ooh, you're not only still attractive at your age, but you're also smart.  Yes, Janet, that is Daniel.  I lied.  I didn't kill him.  I turned him to stone the day I adopted him years ago.  Still 18 years old, he is."
    Janet looked back to the statue and saw how young the boy looked.
    Andoria said, "To tell the truth, Janet, he never had an opportunity to call me mom.  He wasn't here long enough.  In fact, you've seen more of my penthouse than he did."
    Janet stood up and faced the ex-queen, who still had the laser pointed at Janet.
    Janet wiped her eyes, and demanded, "Turn him back.  Demedusize him - or whatever you wanna call it."
    "Oh Janet," Andoria said, "The man who traveled with me to earth - he invented the meduser.  He recreated it here on earth, and I made good use of it from time to time.  However, he never had a chance (before dying) to recreate the de-meduser.  Sorry, Janet.  Your son will remain like this forever."
    Janet said, "You're lying."
    Andoria answered, "This time I'm not.  I have no way to change him back."
    Janet responded, "Damn you! Change him back!"
    Andoria flipped a button on the "new and improved" laser gun, and several lights flashed on it.  Andoria said, "So sorry your life has has to end this way, Janet.  But quite honestly, you've been a burden to me for years.  It's time for you to die."
    Janet showed Andoria the small black box that she had concealed, and said, "No, the plans are now changed."  Janet pressed the button twice, and said to Andoria, "I hope you're adaptable.  I know Riff Raff is."
    The ex-queen laughed, and asked, "What is that? A mini-bomb?"
    "No," Janet answered, "it's a calling device.  Frank N. Furter will be here any second."
    "My Frankie's dead," Andoria responded, "He died on Transexual when it blew up."
    "No, Andoria.  Just like you, he managed to escape.  In fact, he's right behind you as we speak."
    Andoria turned around, anticipating Frank's prescence.  But Frank was not standing behind her.  At that second, Janet jumped on top of Andoria, causing the laser gun to fall to the ground.  Both women fell on top of each other, and Janet rolled off of her, grabbing the laser in the process.  In one quick move, Janet stood to her feet, aiming the gun at Andoria, still lying on the carpet, confused at how she had been tricked.
    Janet smiled, and said, "Now whose got the gun, bitch..."
    To Janet's right, a bright light formed out of nowhere, with sparkles of light forming inside it's ray.  Seconds later, Frank N. Furter stood alone - the others had remained outside.
    Andoria stood up and ran to Frank, exclaiming, "My darling, Frank! You've come to rescue me from this mad woman!"
    She embraced Frank in a hug, but Frank did not return the embrace.  Instead, he said, "It's over, Andoria.  I'm taking you back home with me."
    Suddenly, from outside the apartment, Janet could hear footsteps running to the penthouse door.  Brad entered the penthouse, practically out of breath.  He shouted, "Janet, are you alright?"
    Janet ran to Brad's arms and hugged him, saying, "I'm fine."
    Andoria looked into Frank's eyes, and said, "Frankie, you're like a son to me.  Surely you can't take me back there.  I'll go to prison."
    Janet said to Frank, "The statue in the corner.  It's my son.  Do you think you can turn him back?"
    Frank said, "Maybe.  But first thing's first."
    Frank reached under his waistband and pulled out Rocky's unusual-shaped gun, aiming it at Andoria.  Pressing the trigger, a beam of red light enveloped Andoria, and seconds later, she vanished, having been "zapped" up to the planet Transgender.  Frank said, "I've transported her to the awaiting authorities on Transgender.  She'll be sharing cell-space with Riff Raff and Magenta."
    Janet set the laser gun down and approached Frankie.  She asked him again, "I don't suppose you can return my son, Daniel, back to his normal state, huh?"
    "I'll give it a try," Frank said.
    Frank took Rocky's gun, and pressed a button on his side.  He aimed the gun to the statue of Daniel, and fired it.  A beam of white light shot out and enveloped the statue for several seconds.
    When the light disappeared, everyone in the room was surprised - and saddened - to see that the statue was still the same.  Frank pressed the gun trigger a second time, and waited for the results.  To everyone's disappointment, Daniel remained a statue.
    Janet said, "I don't understand.  Why isn't it working?"
    Frank answered, "I don't know.  It should have worked.  Unless--"
    Brad asked, "Unless what?"
    Frank continued, "Unless the professor who created the meduser encoded it with a special code."
    "What?" Janet asked, upset, "Are you telling me that I can't get my son back?"
    "No," Frank answered, "There is a way.  But I'm not sure you'll like it.  Janet, I'll have to take him back to Transgender where they can break down the structural code in Daniel.  Once they do that, they can reverse the process and return him back to human form.  But it may take some time."
    Janet was quick to answer, "Fine, let's do it.  I'm going with you."
    Brad looked worried, and surprised.  He asked, "What?!"
    "He's our son, Brad," Janet said, "Yours and mine.  We've got to go to Transgender with him.  There's no way I can stay behind."
    Brad stepped up to Janet and kissed her on the lips, adding, "There's no way we can stay behind."

In the next chapter, all the loose ends get tied up once and for all.  Don't miss out on the details!