Chapter Twenty: New Year's Resolutions

    Betty Hapschatt hugged Janet goodbye in Janet's New York apartment.  Standing next to them, Oliver shook Brad's hand.  Frank N. Furter watched over the situation from the hallway.
    "Oh Janet, I'm going to miss you," Betty said tearfully.
    Janet smiled, "Hopefully it won't be long.  When my son's back to normal, we'll return.  The statue is already on Transgender being analyzed"
    Oliver said to Brad, "You take good care of Janet."
    Brad said, "And you take care of Betty."
    Oliver added, "They're special women."
    Janet said to Betty, "Do me a favor.  Don't tell anyone where I'm at."
    Betty looked confused and said, "But why not tell them the truth?"
    Janet explained, "25 years ago, Brad and I encountered Frank N. Furter and the rest of the gang from Transexual.  When we returned to Denton the next morning, nobody believed us.  They talked about us behind our backs, as though we were laughing stocks.  I really don't want to have to deal with that again."
    Betty asked her, "Not even your parents?"
    Janet answered, "No.  Not even them.  They just got back together after all of this, and perhaps if they believe I'm missing, it might help them to stay together, relying on each other's support and company."
    Randy, who had been chatting with Rocky at the kitchen table, walked up to Janet, and said, "I hope you don't mind the company on your trip."
    Janet smiled at her younger brother, "I'd love the company.  And I'm glad you decided to come with us to Transgender."
    "Well," Randy said, smiling, "As a boy, I did fantasize a lot about UFOs and aliens.  You think I'd pass up the chance?"  He laughed.
    In Janet's livingroom, Ricky hung up the phone and turned to Columbia and Ansalong, who had been talking happily on the couch, swapping stories of their recent years.
    Ricky clapped his hands together and said, "Well, that's it.  I called who I needed to call to say goodbye."
    Ansalong said to him, "Are you sure you want to go with us to Transgender?"
    Ricky responded, "I'm in love with you.  I couldn't imagine being world's apart.  Besides, it sounds kinda fun!"
    Frank N. Furter looked to the kitchen, where Bert Schnick was nibbling on some snacks inside the refridgerator.  It wasn't the cavier that he had come to love over the years, but he didn't mind.
    Frank shouted to everyone, "Okay, it's time to go."
    Everyone stood up and joined him in the hallway.  He grabbed Rocky's hand, who grabbed Janet's hand, who grabbed Brad's hand.  Soon, everyone was joined at the hands in a group huttle.  "Are you ready?" Frank asked them.  Everyone said yes.
    Pressing a button on the gun attatched at his hip, the circle of friends suddenly became enveloped with a bright light, and when the light disappeared, Janet's apartment was empty.
    Not a sound was made in the apartment.  Everything was calm.  Betty and Oliver, still standing nearby, looked at the empty spot where their friends had just stood.  Neither Betty nor Oliver said a word.  Instead, they turned to each other and hugged.

    "You've got a visitor!" the guard said to Farley, who had been pacing in his jail cell in the New York City police station.
    Farley looked through the bar cells and saw Vance Parker walking towards him.  Farley smiled, and said to Vance, "Hey! Am I glad to see you!  I'm going to need your help to get out of here."
    Vance stopped in front of Farley's cell, and said, "Sorry, Farley.  You see, doing that would cause a conflict.  I'm doing my best to keep you IN that cell."
    Farley's smile dropped, and he said, "What?"
    Vance, dressed in his Denton police uniform, explained, "For years, you manipulated me and several others to do things for you that were either unethical or outright illegal.  I wash my hands of you."
    "What are you talking about," Farley shouted, "I made you!"
    Vance said, "Yeah, and thanks to you, several of the Denton regulars are having to have psychological therapy to correct the brainwash tactics that were given to them.  Luckily, Oscar Drill and his sister Brenda are starting to come around.  A few more sessions I'm told and they will be completely de-brainwashed.  It's going to take a little more effort for some of the other folks to heal."
    Vance thought about telling him some other things, such as how the drummer for Oscar Drill's band was recovering in a New York apartment.  He thought about telling him the band wanted to reform soon and try to make an album.  Vance thought that such "good" news would upset Farley - because Farley had made many efforts to cause problems for people.  But Vance kept all this information to himself.  He was ready to leave Farley in his past.
    Farley started to shout profanity to Vance, but Vance wasn't listening.  Vance turned and walked away.  He was anxious to return to Denton, to return to his twin brother, Vince, who often helped him out when he had to pull double shifts, such as the night before The Faith Factory Show in '81.  He had tricked many people into thinking he had actually worked for 48 hours straight by having his twin brother fill in so he could sleep.  Nobody knew the better.  But now, years later, he understands fully that deception on any level is just wrong!
    Vance walked away from Farley and never looked back.

    In March of 2000, Ralph Hapschatt came out of his coma.  During the next few weeks of recovery, he had various visitors, including Macy and Neely who had become best of friends since the events of New Year's Eve.  They filled Ralph in on things that had happened, especially New Year's Eve.  Some details were lost to them, as they didn't fully understand themselves.
    "What about Janet? How's she doing?" Ralph asked them.
    Macy answered, "Nobody knows what happened to her.  She just up and vanished."
    Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a young and beautiful female nurse who had just entered the room.  She went to Ralph's bedside and asked him, "Are you ready for your shot, Mr. Hapschatt?"
    Ralph smiled at the beautiful nurse, and then lowered his hand to touch her buttocks.  He said in a flirtatious manner, "Anything you want."
    Somewhat disgusted, the nurse pulled his hand off her ass, and said, "I'll send in another nurse to do it."  Then she left.
    Neely laughed at Ralph and said, "Still the same old Ralph."

    Outside Ralph's room, the nurse walked up to another nurse who was standing against the wall.  The first nurse said, "He's all yours."
    The second nurse smiled, and said, "Thanks."
    A minute later, after Neely and Macy left the room, this new nurse entered the room where Ralph lay in bed.  To her surprise, he had turned to his side, his back to her, exposing his butt to her.  "Let's get this over with, nurse," he said.
    The nurse smiled at Ralph.  It was unfortunate for Ralph that he had not faced her when she entered the room.  Had he been, he would have seen the nurse's name tag - which read LINDA.  Looking at her face, he would have recognized her as the woman who had entered his apartment years ago, threatening to kill him if he didn't stop treating women like sex objects.
    But instead, he didn't see her face at all.  He had his back - and butt - to her.  He didn't see the syringe in her hand - loaded with poison.
    "Hey nurse," Ralph said, smiling, "Perhaps after you're done pokin' me with that thing, you let me do some pokin' myself?"
    The nurse moved closer and closer to Ralph, the long needle raised in the air...

Think it's over? Guess again! There's one final thing to find out in the next chapter, which is the LAST chapter. Check it out!