Chapter Eight: 1990

    Macy answered the telephone in her New York apartment with a bit of nervousness.  During the past week, at the same time every night, a mysterious phone call was made to her.  She would answer the phone politely, with a simple "hello" but there would be eerie silence on the other end.  "Hello?" she would repeat herself, each and every night, but still no answer.
    So tonight, when the stranger called again, she hesitated answering the phone.  But the ringing was relentless.  After about 20 or so rings, she was forced to answer the phone.
    She picked up the phone and pressed it against her ear.  This time, however, she refused to speak to the unknown caller.  Quietly, she just listened.
    The silence on the other end lasted about one minute, until at last an unfamiliar voice whispered to her from the other end:
    "Your life may have changed, but believe me... the past has a way of coming back to haunt you."
    Macy felt her heart race.  But still, she remained silent.
    The whisper continued, "One day, in the not so distant future, you will find yourself resorting to your old ways.  Living the good life is nice for a while, but you're the type of girl that needs more.  And one day, trust me, you'll get what's coming to you."
    Macy felt tears sting her eyes, and she suddenly shouted into the phone, "Who are you?!"
    "Don't worry," the voice said, "One day, when you least expect it, you and I shall meet."
    The phone went dead.

    Two months after Macy's bizzare phone call, Janet found herself back where she started: inside the adoption agency building.  She wanted to find out more about what woman had adopted her son, Daniel.
    As she rounded the corner inside the massive hallway, she ran into a man who was rounding the corner from the other intersecting hallway.
    "Oh excuse me," Janet said, looking back at him as he kept walking.  He didn't look back at Janet, but she got a good look at him... It was FARLEY.
    Janet watched as Farley Flavors, her ex-husband's twin brother, approached the exit doors of the adoption center.  She started to wonder why Farley was here at the same time.  Was it a coincidence?  To Janet, whose only experience with Farley in the past was a bad one, felt that it was too creepy to be a coincidence.
    "What are you doing here, Farley?" she said to herself softly as she watched him leave the building.  Suspecting he was up to no good, she decided to follow him.  A small part of her was curious if Farley had something to do with her missing son.
    She exited the building, just 30 feet or so behind him, and managed to remain unseen as Farley walked.  She rounded a corner, and had to quickly step back around the corner she had turned, because Farley had stopped.  He was at a phone, inserting some coins.  The phone was not in a booth, but was a stand alone, up against a brick building.
    Janet found herself at a close enough distance to hear every word he said into the phone.
    Farley said into the phone, "Yeah, boss, this is Farley.  I just got out of the adoption agency.  I paid off the necessary staff members to keep the boy's adoption a secret.  Janet will never find out... I mean, not until you're ready for her to find out."
    Janet could not believe her ears!  Farley - and whoever he was talking to on the pay phone - was responsible for her child's disappearance!  And even worse, they were deliberately doing so!  But why??!!!
    Janet found herself enveloped in her thoughts, and neglected to hear Farley's remaining conversation.  She turned her attention back to him as he hung up the phone.  Walking away from the phone, Farley was stopped by a young prostitute, offering Farley a "good time."
    My God! Janet thought, All this time, Farley has been responsible for Daniel's disappearance.  And he's been deliberately keeping me from finding out!  And who exactly is he working for?  Who would want this kind of cruel treatment established?
    Meanwhile, Farley followed the prostitute across the street and into some sleezy hotel where they rent "by the hour" (as the locals say).
    Janet stepped out from behind the wall corner and looked over at the cheap hotel.
    "I'm gonna find out what you're up to, Farley," she said to herself, "even if I have to kill to do it!"
    She started to walk away, her mind developing a scheme to trick Farley into revealing his dark secret.  Her idea: Prostitution...

In the next chapter, we'll find out what Bert Schnick has been up to (he's still in Denton).  We'll also see Janet take her plan to expose Farley into action...