Chapter Nine: 1991

    Back in Denton, Bert Schnick's game show "Marriage Maze" was losing it's magic.  People tend to lose interest after a while in things that once were exciting.  It is very difficult to keep everyone's attention for too long of a time.
    This year, 1991, Bert agreed that his game show should come to an end.
    Tearfully, he told a reporter, "I'm gonna miss this show."
    But last month, September, Bert announced that plans on in the works for a great new game show.  It is a sequel to Marriage Maze.
    "The show," Bert announced proudly, "is called Disfunctional Divorce.  It allows divorced couples to play against each other in a trivia game where the questions are about problems in their marraige.  Very similar to Marriage Maze but on the other end of the pole!"
    Bert announced that the show will being airing in 1992.

    Meanwhile, in New York City, Janet approached Macy and Neely and asked for their help:
    "I can't get Farley to confess what he's been up to without your help."
    Macy asked, "Why don't you just get the authorities involved?  Tell them what you know?"
    Janet replied, "Because I have reason to believe the person he works for has deep pockets.  I don't know.  It's just a gut feeling I guess.  I mean, think about it.  Isn't it a strange coincidence that we'd all end up here in New York City at the same time?  Something is very odd."
    Neely took Janet's hand in comfort, "I'll support you.  What do you want us to do?"
    Janet answered, "I need one of you to pose as a prostitute."
    "What?" Macy replied, disgusted.
    Janet continued, "Farley enjoys the company of prostitutes and I figure if one of you would pose as a prostitute, seduce him, and then DRUG him, we can find out some answers.  I'd do it myself, but he knows my face very well."
    Neely and Macy looked at each other nervously, and then Macy said, "I don't know, Janet.  This sounds dangerous.  Even deadly in the end."
    "She's right," Neely added, "This sounds mafia.  I'd love to help you, but I think you're better off forgetting about this one.  Let it go."
    Janet answered, "No! I can't let it go.  Fifteen years ago, I let go of my son, Daniel.  Now I vow to find him...with or without your help!"
    Janet left the room, her eyes starting to fill with tears.
    Macy and Neely watched in disbelief as she went away.

In the next chapter, we'll check up on Ansalong, as well as Oscar and Brenda Drill.  Also, Janet makes a difficult decision in her plan against Farley...