Introduction From The Author,

Donny O'Bryan

As of this moment, I've been going to Rocky Horror for nearly 18 years.  I've come to know and appreciate the style of Richard O'Brien, as well as his characters.  This admiration has extended to its equal sequel follow-up Shock Treatment.  The characters of both films tend to grow on you after numerous viewings.

Therefore, I always felt (as many fans do) that a sequel - or sequels -  was/were necessary.  First, of course, a follow-up to Rocky Horror.  Many fans have written theirs, and so have I.  But I wanted to do something different: I wanted to have my Rocky Horror sequel connect to the start of Shock Treatment.  Therefore, as a musical, I wrote "Frankie Comes Again."  I highly recommend you read THAT sequel before reading this new one that you're starting to read now.  (While we're on the subject of things to read before this one, please read "The Diary Of Janet Weiss" for another inside tip on this storyline.)

THIS sequel, "Shock Treatment 2000," picks up where the film Shock Treatment leaves off: the group of do-gooders driving out of the television studio in a white convertible.  It is important to have seen the film from start to end before reading this sequel.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is based on B-rated horror and sci-films, and therefore, my sequel to it ("Frankie Comes Again") was written in the same style.  Needless-to-say, Shock Treatment was based on daytime television, particularly soap operas, so I based its sequel in the same style: soap opera (a uniquely different style than RHPS/Frankie Comes again).

With the establishment of characters in Rocky Horror, "Frankie Comes Again," and Shock Treatment, there was plenty of characterization and storylines to work with, aside from the actual main plot that I've developed as a story.

First of all, I had to get them out of Denton.  After 18 years, I'm tired of it.  Besides, the entire city has become a big TV studio, practically (thanks to Shock Treatment) so there wasn't much room for a storyline there.  That local was dead.  So I had to pick another city for this to take place.  I watched both films to find out if any other city had been mentioned -- and the answer was New York.  In Shock Treatment, Janet's father Harry said that Danny Slipstrini "moved to New York to better himself."  Wow!  What a perfect setting!  Brad and Janet should end up there too -- so they can better themselves!  And what a city to go to, when you think about it.  New York City is so crazy compared to simple little Denton U.S.A.

So the question remained: How can I get them to pick that particular city.  And the answer came to me: Janet's desire to find her baby that she gave up for adoption in New York City (If you didn't know this, you DIDN'T read my story "Frankie Comes Again" -- DO IT!!!!!!!)

And to set the rest of the story (minus the surprise final third of the story), I provided many "follow-ups" to the main Shock Treatment characters on this website (found through HERE, under the rumours section).  The "rumoured" info is a bit exaggerated, as I wanted it to seem like the gossip spread more and more, with each speaker adding to it and embellishing a bit.  Although the "rumoured" items are distorted and seem inaccurate, the "basis" of each rumor is true, and established in the first half of this new piece of fiction you are about to read.  And while I'm at it, let me clarify that each chapter depicted is one year later from the chapter before, therefore, many character's personalities may change from what you are used to.  We all change over a long period of time, so don't be surprised to find several characters acting different than they did in the film Shock Treatment.

So now, you see, the set up has begun.  It's time for Brad and Janet to head out on their new adventure, leaving Denton behind them for good.  And of course, I've got several little twists along the way, particularly the last half.  Someone has gathered all the Denton characters in New York City for a mysterious and evil plan.  Can Brad and Janet figure this out before it's too late?  Who knows for sure.

I hope you enjoy this sequel to Shock Treatment as much as you enjoyed "Frankie Comes Again" (you HAVE read it, haven't you?).  I promise this is the last sequel.  I did not leave the door open for a new installment.  But in the future, I'll entertain you with some short fiction I'll be writing on particular characters from Shock Treatment.  In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy "Shock Treatment 2000."

With greatest appreciation, Donny O'Bryan.