Wichita, Kansas' Albert Berry submitted this parody, crossing the Rocky Horror trailer with Star Wars characters.  It's really quite creative and fun...

OPENING: A pair of obviously furry lips with fanged teeth appear on the screen.
LIPS: (in a stormtroopers voice) "You've seen all kinds of movies"
Cut to Leia Organa in a large multi-coloured tank.  She is wearing a bra and a slip, torn and greasy. Her hair is in buns on the side of her head, but they are deshevled.  On top of her is C-3PO, Human Cyborg Relations Droid.  He is dented and has a piece of cloth from Leia's slip tied around his arm.
LEIA: "Toucha-Toucha-Toucha Touch Me! I wanna feel Greasy!..."
Cut back to Lips.
LIPS: "But you've never seen anything like..."
Cut to Han Solo rolling around on the floor with Dancing Girl from Jabba's fortress.
HAN: "Hot Patootie, Bless my soul!  I really love to do Space Patrol!..."
Cut back to Lips.
LIPS: "The Star Wars Horror Picture Show."
Cut to Ballroom where many of the creatures from Mos Isley Space Port are dancing.
DANCERS: "Let's jump into HyperSpace again!
Cut to Lips

LIPS: "It's about a Mad Scientist named Frank-n-Furter."
Cut to Darth Vader tossing off his cape exposing a mechanical looking corset.  He is standing in front of a chair. To one side of the chair is Boba Fett, to the other side is Dancing Girl, and behind her stands Chewbacca.
VADER: "I'm just a sweet transvestite. With mechanical, modifications!"
Cut to Lips
LIPS: "And his wonderful creation."
Cut to C3PO singing down to a R2D2 unit.  Darth Vader is behind him on his
knees in a surgical gown and rubber gloves.
C3PO: "Oh, woe is me!  I least you can't see through me!"
VADER: "ROCKY!" Vader shakes his gloved fist.
Cut to Lips.
LIPS: "His sinister servants Riff Raff and his sister Magenta."
Cut to Boba Fett standing next to a grandfather clock wearing a butlers coat.
BOBA FETT: "I remember, jumping through HyperSpace.."
Cut to Chewbacca standing next to a bannister wearing a maids apron.
CHEWBACCA: "Rarwoow Arrrrwrr Erararrerear!"
Cut to Lips
LIPS: "And Brad and Janet"
Cut to front door, it is raining.  Luke and Leia are standing at the door out
side and Boba Fett has just opened it.  Leia stares in fright, Luke is oblivious.
LUKE: Sticking out his hand.  "Hi!, Brad Majors, and this is my Fiancé, Janet Weis!"
Cut to Lips.
LIPS: "The cast is crazy!"
Cut to Yoda standing on a desk with a chart of the Time Warp behind him.
YODA: "It's a jump to the left!"
Cut to Obi Wan Kenobi sitting in a wheel chair, covered in dust.
OBI WAN: "I happen to know a great deal about a lot of things..."
Cut to Lips.
LIPS: "The songs are super!"
Cut to Luke and Leia outside of the Castle. It's raining.
LUKE AND LEIA: "Theres a light!"
BACKGROUND SINGERS: "Over in the Death Star space!"
Cut to Swimming pool. Darth Vader is in a life perserver floating in a corset and torn fishnets.
VADER: "Don't Dream It.... Beam It!"
Cut to Lips
LIPS: "So don't miss the Star Wars Horror Picture Show."
Cut to Movie Logo.
BOBA FETT: (overdubbed) "Let's jump through HyperSpace again!"
"A Long Time ago, in a Galaxy REALLY Far, Far a way..."