(MOST RECENT UPDATE: September, 2003)

After discussing the issue with the planning committee, it was recently decided
to cancell the upcoming Shock Treatment convention.  The announcement of this
event did not generate enough interest to support it.  However, The Shock
Treatment Network does support any other committee that wishes to plan such an
event in the future.  We would like to thank the few that did express interest
in attending.  Shock Treatment is truly a great movie, IMO, and there are a lot
of people who agree with me.  However, it is true that it will always be in the
shadow of its predecessor Rocky Horror.  Perhaps one day it will stand alone?
One can dream!  :)  Sincerely, Donny.

P.S. -- A lot of people have shown their support to me, and for that I am deeply and eternally grateful.  Several have expressed interest that I should REPLAN the convention for a future anniversary. Who knows? Dreams could come true.

(Well, Dorothy, you were safe.  They didn't make it to Kansas after all.  But who knows what's in store for the future...)