CHAPTER ELEVEN: "Sponsers?!"

Emily (on TV): "Oh I got it!

Emily (on TV, continued): "I -- I GOT IT!"

Bert (laughing with Nation): "She got it!  She got the big one!  Infantile Regression!"

Nation: "Our speciality!"

Bert: "Your speciality!"                                         Cosmo: "I can't wait to begin on him."

Cosmo: "Really, Bert, I don't know what we'd do without you."
Bert (catching his breath): "I must confess.  The decision to have Brad committed was not strictly my own."

Cosmo: "No, of course, there's Janet.  But if she was so keen on getting him in here, why wouldn't she sign the contract?"

Bert: "Uh, no.  It wasn't Janet exactly.  If was, in fact, your new sponser."                                     Cosmo: "Sponser?"

Bert: "Dentonvale has been sold."                          Cosmo: "Sold?"                 Nation: "Dear old Bert settled everything.

Bert: "Yeah!  You endorse his Faith Factory and he endorses your research."  Cosmo: "He--!!!"

Cosmo: "How dare this person take advantage..."

Cosmo (continued): "...of my weakness."                  Nation: "I don't think he intends to go that far."

                          f                                                                                                  (Nation and Bert laugh)