CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Song "Thank God I'm A Man"

(Music starts.  The song is called "Thank God I'm A Man."  Janet's father, along with audience members at the bridge are the singers...)

Harry:  "A man should call the toss
Wear the pants and be the boss
A man should be the drake for his own damn sake."

Harry:  "And men should be the misters
And the masters of their sisters
A man should be the reason for a heart to break."

Marines (singing) "So be moral, don't quarrel..."

Marines (singing) "...fair and square is best."

Housewives (singing): "Let me alert you that virtue won't hurt you..."

Husbands (singing):  "...if you wear hair on your chest."

Audience (singing):  "So always remember to follow the rules."
Marines (singing) "Box clever."

Husbands (singing):  "And jocks never..."

Harry:  "...hock another jock's tools."

Harry:  "A man should wax a car, mend a fuse and tend a bar
A man should like his brow to be wet with sweat."

Harry:  "Men should know the right occasions to indulge in tax evasions
A man should know the settings that his spark plugs get."

Harry:  "Faggots are maggots..."

Harry (singing):  "...thank God I'm a man!"