(A knock is heard at the Research Lab door.  It is Ralph, soon to be followed by Macy.  Betty and Oliver are in the Research Lab, laughing from conversation.)

Betty:  "Come in."                                                                                                 Ralph:  "Oh, hi."

Oliver: "Hi."
Betty:  "Hi."

Ralph:  "Oh, I just came to give you this, Betty."  Betty:  "Oh, well thank you."                  Ralph: "You're welcome."          f

Macy:  "Hi."                           Oliver: "Hi."                            Ralph:  "Hi."                            Betty:  "Hi."

Ralph:  "Oh, we'd better get going.  Tomorrow's the big one and, uh,  Farley expects."

Oliver: "Oh, you bet."

Ralph:  "Uh huh."
Oliver:  "Uh huh."
Ralph:  "I guess we'd better leave you young things to it."
Betty: "Bye."

Oliver: "Bye."                             Macy:   "Bye."                             Ralph:  "Bye."                             Oliver: "Bye."

Betty:  "Oh, Ralph..."
Ralph:  "Yes?"
Betty:  "Shove it!"
Ralph:  "Oh, you shove it too, Betty!"

(Slamming the door loud, Betty grabs an envelope opening before returning to her desk.)

Betty:  "Alimony is just another word for rape."

Betty:  "Conspiracy is right.  The Denton Dossier is..."

Oliver (guessing correctly what Betty was going to say):  "...closed."