CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: "Quite Frankly, He Hates You"

NATION: "I just love home movies."

NATION: "Don't you?"
FARLEY (on TV screen): "Time's tight, Janet."

FARLEY (on TV screen): "Do it right, Janet."

FARLEY (on TV screen): "Until tomorrow night, Janet."

JANET: "Well...Farley Flavors is fairly flattering."

(Janet laughs at her comment)

JANET: "Oh, but I--I wanna see Brad."

NATION: "Uh, but the question is, Janet, does Brad want to see you? Quite frankly, he hates you."

JANET: "What do you mean?"

COSMO: "Brad is harboring deep feelings of hostility towards you, Janet."

JANET: "With me?"

COSMO: "It's classical.  Almost a textbook case."

JANET: "Oh no!" (sobs in tears)

COSMO: "That's an extremely negative response."
NATION: "Yes, Janet.  Leave the crying to Brad."
JANET: "Is it because I'm becoming too popular?"
BERT: "On the contrary, Janet.  He wants to see your ratings soar.  He needs a woman of exceptional desire and ability."
NATION: "So, you see, Janet.  You can help us to help him."

JANET: "Maybe I can..."