CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: "Mister Sun Paints"

(Elsewhere in the studio...)

Bert: Alright, you guys...

Bert: An early start tomorrow for Janet's debut on "Good Morning Denton"

Bert (continued): By the time we unveil Farley's Faith Factory Show, we will have all earned our beauty sleep.

Janet: Could I just peep in on Brad before I go home?

Bert (worried): Home?

Janet: Home.

Nation: This is the nerve center of operations, Janet.

Nation (continued): You must stay here tonight

Nation (continued): That way we can all be together when Mr. Sun paints us a new day with his golden brush.

Cosmo: And you can peep in on Brad in the morning.

Bert (worried): Morning?

Nation (to Ansalong, entering): Are all the beds made up?

Ansalong: Oh yes, I plumped up all the pillows and changed out all th-

Cosmo (interrupting): Then lock up for the night.

Ansalong (happily): Okay!