CHAPTER THIRTY: "In The Wardrobe"

(In the Wardrobe room, Cosmo is looking over the dress designs for Janet's next appearance on television, a morning program called "The Breakfast Show".  The dress is not too complicated and he paces as he studies the details...)

JANET: (calling out) "Good morning..."

(Janet listens for Cosmo as he is in an area of the room where she cannot see him.  Since the door is open, we can hear the sound of morning preparation as people scatter and chatter elsewhere on the set.)

JANET: (still calling out) "I wanna see Brad."

(She notices Cosmo approaching her with a full length mirror.)

COSMO: "Look at yourself. You're beautiful. The most desirable creature that ever walked."
JANET: "Oh, if only Brad could have found it within himself to say those things to me."
COSMO: "He will. But its up to you to reawaken his feelings.  Farley's given you that chance.  You can use the Breakfast Show to knock Denton dead."

JANET: "Do you really think so?"
COSMO: "Everybody needs you."
JANET: "Hmm. But what'll I do? What'll I say?"
COSMO: "Hmm?"
JANET: "What'll I wear?"

COSMO: "Ah-ha!"

(Music starts for the song "Little Black Dress")