CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO: No Introductions Needed

(As the band heads to their places for Janet's musical number on stage, the television station's floor manager acts as a human alarm clock and wakes the entire Denton audience up from their sleep.)

FLOOR MANAGER:  "Good morning, Denton!  Rise and shine!"

FLOOR MANAGER:  "She'll be here any second now, so let's give her a great big hand!  Come on!"

(The audience applauds and cheers)

(Janet makes her entrance)

(The end music of the song "Little Black Dress" plays as Janet dances down the stairwell, with Cosmo, Nation and Bert following behind her.  At the bottom of the stairs, several people wait for her including reporter Neely Pritt and her crew...)

NEELY: "Oh, Janet..."

NEELY: "...I can't tell you how excited I am..."
(Janet gives Neely a look of disbeif)
NEELY: "...for you!"
(Janet moves on)

NEELY: "We've got the band and dancers and dry ice standing by..."

NEELY: "...Betty Hapschatt is indisposed so Macy will have to do the introductions!"

JANET: (snooty) "Oh, I don't need introductions..."

(Janet takes her position for her song as Betty and Oliver look with disbelief)