(As audience applauds and shouts "Janet!", Macy and Ralph clap too, on the "Good Morning Denton" set)

MACY: "...and--you can see and hear Janet tonight on Faith Factory, brought to you by Farley Flavors."

(The floor manager signals that Macy is now off the air for another comercial break, and gives her the thumb up)

(Full of energy and excitement from an exciting performance, Oscar Drill rushes to Janet to retrieve his guitar)
(Oscar gives her a congratulatory pat on the cheek with a stifled laugh before exiting)

(The remaining band members and back up singers approach her and compliment her as well)
"Hey", "Far out!", "You were amazing!", "Jeez!", and "Terrific!"

(The bandmates exit.  Janet feels like a superstar.  The feeling is overwhelmingly good.)

(As Neely and her crew exit the set as well, Janet is approached by Bert, Nation and Cosmo)

BERT: (kissing her hand) "Out of self, came selflessness."

NATION: "You revealed yourself.  The real you.  The secret you."
(None of them see or hear Betty as she quickly approaches them, heels reverbing loudly with her pace)

COSMO: "And you liked what you saw, didn't you?"  JANET: "Well, I was--"  BETTY: (interrupting) "How's Brad?"

JANET: "Oh, well, if he caught my act, he'll be looking good!"
(The wardrobe lady returns Janet's hat, with an annoyed look)

(Everyone but Betty laughs at her statement.  The wardrobe lady exits)

JANET: "It seems I'm his medicine so we're off to give him another spoonful."

JANET: "Check ya later, Betty.  I gotta freshen up."

(As Janet exits, everyone laughs and follows her)

(Cosmo's laugh --more like a cackle-- is quite lengthy)

(Betty can't believe what she's seeing.  Something fishy is going on.  Judge Oliver Wright feels the same way.)