(Letters scroll from both sides of the screen, moving towards the center to form one word)
(At the same time, black bars move towards the center from the top and bottom of screen)

MALE ANNOUNCER: "Dentonvale!"
(The letters and black bars retreat)

(Janet's mother and father are visiting Brad)
(Emily closes the blinds)

MALE ANNOUNCER: "The Mission Of Mercy!"

MALE ANNOUNCER: "Starring the increasingly popular...Janet Majors!"

JANET: (entering) "Hi mommy, Hi daddy, Hi Brad!"

JANET: "I've just come to tell you how fabulous I am!"
(Brad muffles a scream of protest)

EMILY: "Janet.  Where's that lovely dress I made you?"
JANET: "Oh, well Mac just whipped up this little crowd pleaser."
HARRY: "What?!  You're practically naked!
JANET: "Well, I can't wear anything underneith of it, daddy.  It would spoil the line."

Brad: (muffled) "Spoil the lines!!"
EMILY:  "My god, Janet.  How can you say such things?  Look at Brad.  Look what they've done to him."

COSMO: (entering, with others behind him) "Aahhhhh..."

COSMO: "Janet's parents?"
HARRY: "Are you the doctor?"
COSMO: "Yes..."
HARRY: "There's gonna have to be an investigation."
COSMO:  "Oh?"

HARRY: "There are regulations about this sort of thing."
JANET: "It's for his own good!"
BERT: (realizing Janet is in the room) "Hooplah, Janet!"

JANET: "Oh Bert!  Sweetheart!"
BERT: "Sweetie!"
JANET: "Oh, it's fabulous to see you!"

HARRY: "What's going on here?!"
BERT: "And what do you wear? All black?"

JANET: "Yes, of course."
BERT: "I adore that color."
(Brad muffles something unintelligible in his cage)

COSMO: "The patient was in great danger of doing himself a mischief."

NATION: (offscreen) "We only want what's best for him.  As parents, you must understand."

HARRY: "No.  No, I don't.  Brad doesn't need to be trussed up like a turkey.  There are drugs to keep him quiet."
NATION:  "We used them.  All of them."
EMILY:  "And none of them worked?"

HARRY: "Then double the strength."
NATION: "We did."
COSMO: "We know our job."

NATION: "We also know how you feel.  We're not strangers to confusion."

(As Farley watches on, he lets out a loud laugh, before returning to the pleasure of his cigar)

EMILY: "We're not confused."
HARRY: "Well, I am, goddamit.  You trust Brad with this...crowd-pleaser?"

JANET: (laughing) "Oooh...."