CHAPTER NINE: Dentonvale: "The Arrival"

Announcer: "Dentonvale: The Arrival."

Announcer: "Introducing Brad and Janet Majors."

Cosmo: "Ah, Mister and Misses Majors, how wonderful to see you..."

Cosmo (continued): "I'm Doctor Cosmo McKinley and this is my sister and colliege, Doctor Nation McKinley"

Nation: "Uh, we understand you've been going through rather trying times"       Janet: "Well, yes, we have, but I've..."
Brad (interrupting): "Now, now, now listen..."

Brad: "There...there's nothing really wrong with me..."

Brad (continuing): "Janet and I haven't been getting along too well lately, and I  had a little, a little trouble...acting...."

Janet: "Oh Brad!"

Cosmo: "Oh!"

Cosmo: "Does he do this often?"                             Janet: "Uh, no. He's never done this before."

Cosmo: "Good.  Then there's still hope.  Lots and lots of hope."               Nation: "If anyone can help Brad, we can"

Janet: "Well, he does need help"             Cosmo: "Ah, Nurse Ansalong, you've arrived..."

Ansalong: "Well that was real short notice because all the other monkeys and the--"

Nation: "Attend to Mr. Majors, Nurse."   Cosmo: "Uh, just one or two formalities that have to be dealt with, Mrs. Majors..."

Cosmo: "...a contract to be (swats Nurse Ansalong with contract) signed."

Janet: "Uh, can I do that later, please?"       Nation: "Of course you can, Mrs. Majors."

Ansalong (whispering): "Sign the contract tomorrow"

(the swinging door hits Cosmo in the face)         Cosmo: "Ouch!"

Cosmo: "Uh...Mrs. Majors! Uh, just one or two details!  Does Brad have any living relatives? Any blood relatives?"

Janet: "No, he doesn't.  Could I take care of this later?"  Nation: "Of course."   (Nation swats him with her open hand)

Janet: "Why did you tell me not to sign now?"
Ansalong: "Well...that way you get the first day free!"