Take the following survey of 10 questions regarding fan's enjoyment towards Shock Treatment.  Email the answers to me at and when I have a sufficient amount of responses, I will post the results.  Thanks!

1.  Favorite Male character:
2.  Favorite Female character:
3.  Favorite song:
4.  Which is better: movie or soundtrack (or both equal)
5.  For you, the film is best viewed: a) with audience participation, b) without audience participation, c) with acting & audience participation, or d) with acting & no audience participation.
6.  # times seen film at a theater
7.  Do you own the soundtrack?
8.  Do you own the video?
9.  How big of a fan are you (scale of 1-10)? (10 is a major fan & collector)
10.  Rate the film 1-10, with 10 being the best possible rating